NinjaTrader has screwed up big time!
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Thread: NinjaTrader has screwed up big time!

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    The NinjaTrader (NT) forums nowadays are extremely busy!

    A few days before, NT traders using a Zen-Fire statistics feed have been told they HAD to close their trades (if in profit or loss) and upgrade to a new version of NinjaTrader.

    However, what they were not told was that this new version wasn't properly tested, was full of bugs and hardly worked.

    At the cut-off point when everyone was forced to change over to this new version and problems and snags must be expected, guess what?! The service desk was closed. Users were confident that all could be repaired by the time markets opened on Sunday night (GMT).

    Considers that nothing was fixed. The markets are now open, NT traders are screaming blue murder and the parties have not come forward to acknowledge the errors or offer some assurances of a quick resolution. People aren't able to connect, when they do join they become disconnected randomly, egies they've setup aren't functioning, data is messed up and incorrect figures are coming in via the feed (10X the number they need to be!) , charts have reverted to previous contract spans, orders are going haywire and people are losing money ....

    If anybody is considering NinjaTrader - please reconsider!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    stick to MT4
    I wouldn't speak too soon lets see what happens when MetaQuotes launch their new MT4 platform in January.

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    Romram, there are many reasons to prevent MT and there are various threads covering this topic. The one thing which may be said in favour of MT4 - despite the lack of statistics, the fact that it functions in favour of the trader rather than trader, loopholes and the constraints of its programming environment - is that it's free of charge. I don't find that you plus as sufficient justifiion for returning to MT.

    Time to check out Trade Station, Multi Charts etc.. I'm not sure that only moving out of Zen Fire to a different data provider is sufficient. NinjaTrader itself can't be reliable if they let buggy third party integration.

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    You guys are correct, what and who can we trust?

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    Don't trust a platform your broker is currently paying!

    NinjaTrader, Trade Station, Multicharts, ProTrader and many others are all well recognized platforms. With each of these you have a choice of different data suppliers. The only thing I can say is that you should spend sufficient time doing your research and reading reviews.

    I, for one, heartily advise that you stay away from using NinjaTrader with ZenFire (or any broker using ZenFire). The company supporting ZenFire, Mirus, has demoned not only that it screws up major time but it then doesn't admit it to users and pretends there's no issue. It kept pretending till it couldn't be avoided. Even then they did not have the balls to confront answer questions and users. They and refused to speak to anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Have Been told they HAD to Shut their Transactions (If in profit or loss)
    OMG That is the worst trader's nightmare

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    Yap Ninjatrader and Zenfire played with on their customers,,,,thankfully the other information providers are busy. Guess its time to zero down to MT4

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    Days - almost a week - because the problem first appeared, NinjaTrader users are having trouble with their ZenFire connection that keeps going down. In fact, many can't link in any way.

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