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Thread: Best broker for United States residents

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    no requirement to move.
    Hmmm... Paying for another ebook? In a couple years when I try to take this on time. Btw, why do you recommend it? Have you bought yourself to it? If that's the case, is the process described in the publiion for offshore trading expensive?

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    you are going to need to loe an untrue broker. No law means they don't ave to comply with any laws. Only broker I am aware of is tradersway. I find nothing wrong with them, after using them for some time, although they're unregulated. Are a legitimate business in dominica currently running or are they simply a front for a few money laundering scheme? Who knows, but so much, customer support is superb and spreads are nice. I was lucky enough to find a whole day of 0.0 pip spreads with them. Only concern would be to be conscious of their commission arrangement...
    Yeah, Tradersway appears to be legitimate. Between them and Forexoma, they're the offshore unregulated brokers I have accounts with. Neither has given me some trouble. Forexoma charges the same $9 rtl.

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    Please do not go for any broker. . .just No and no question following this ...
    Why? Because you can get everything? I can do this trading regulated too. Regulation doesn't appear to help much in that section what with market makers can manipulate the market. Who would you recommend?

    It seems that the most fascinating post has become the ebook posted by odysseus. I love the feedback all.

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    Why would anyone use an broker? We know they are prepared to do things that are unethical by choosing US business. What else are they willing to perform? 50:1 leverage is more than enough to perform nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Why would anyone use an unregulated broker? We know they are willing to do unethical things by taking US business. What exactly are they willing to perform? 50:1 leverage is much more than sufficient to perform IMO.
    So that you bash the shady unregulated brokers but cannot suggest a regulated one?

    Maybe I can try Alpari US...

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    What wrong with MBTrading, Oanda or Interactive Brokers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote So that you bash the shady unregulated brokers but can't suggest a regulated one? Maybe I can try Alpari US....
    I am Delighted with Oanda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What wrong with Oanda, MBTrading or Interactive Brokers?
    I've heard great things about MBT, however IB I will start looking into. Oanda, I heard stuff that were bad. Thank you for your comments!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I am happy with Oanda.
    So that's a second pledge for Oanda. Thank you for your comments! Do you attempt to exchange the news such as GDP PMI?

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    I'm seriously considering interactive brokers, but they do not offer MT4 or 5
    A lot of bad reviews on these but this seems to be because they are professional grade and also expect you to be professional grade also.
    They do look like they are very reliable and a broker I'd anticipate. Their SP score is excellent. I just really wish that they'd MT4 for EA's

    CitiFXpro looks good and has metatrader, but the minimum equilibrium is 10,000 usd and to get a fantastic superior account it's 50,000.

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    Do not ever trade futures with Interactive Brokers. Their mark to market rules are terrible. Basically, suddenly the spreads or if you trade something that's illiquid, they will indie your position into the bid or askif it is. And in case your leverage is large, you can find a margin call and be liquidated.

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    I've read good about these except one issue that they had with a single customer. (on forexarmy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    http:// I've read great about them except one difficulty they had with one client. (on forexarmy)
    Yes they popped up on my radar. Is they're unregulated out of Belize. Allowed Belize isn't an island country, but a nation. You're right, they seem great.

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