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Thread: Best broker for United States residents

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    Dear frends!

    I need your help.
    Do same body possess a trade account on Oanda?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I called Interactive broker and they said you needed 10 MIL and need to be approved. Has anybody gotten an account with them with cash like under 5k such as?
    Minimum account size is10K to get futures/equities trading. If day-trading equities then min. Size is $25K.
    Forget about trading FX using IB. Min. Size is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Regulators for shielding us.
    You're still able to trade the currencies together with the futures.
    AUDUSD = Aud futures
    EURUSD = Eur futures
    NZDUSD = Nzd futures
    USDJPY = Jpy futures (inverse)
    USDCAD = Cad futures (inverse)
    USDCHF = Chf futures (inverse)
    GBPUSD = Gbp futures

    ***Can trade the crosses by slumping one futures another futures. Won't be the same as fx. So to EURJPY you can buy Jpy futures. Assess tick value of each currency first.

    ***Can also trade US$ futures directly with DX futures.

    ***There are also miniature futures for the currencies, equity futures commodity futures. Deal value is 1/10th of standard dimensions so Eur futures = $12.50 per tick and Eur miniature futures = $1.25 per tick. Not good liquidity with these best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Dear frends! I want your help. Do body have a trade account on Oanda?

    hey v..... I've about a dozen oanda accounts.... Their pretty good about customer service when you have problems....

    if your attempting to create a explorer employing a oanda mt4 account, do not use the mt4 alternative for kind account.... Select fxtrade alternative though the account is oanda's mt4 and not oanda's fxtrade.... You'll be redirected to oanda page verifying your permission....

    This is a somewhat recent protector oanda has started...h

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote //-- hey v..... I have about a dozen oanda accounts.... Their pretty good about customer support when you have problems... //------ if your attempting to create a explorer using a oanda mt4 account, do not use the mt4 option for type account.... Select fxtrade option even though the account is oanda's mt4 rather than oanda's fxtrade.... You will be redirected to oanda page confirming your consent.... This is a somewhat recent safeguard oanda has started...h
    Do you try draw your profit by PayPal? Same of Oanda' assistant said me that it isn't possiable to get the transaction profit by PalPal.
    Is that right or not?

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    The last I heard from Qanda, they do not accept US citizens anymore.
    I wonder, if anybody here works with US monetary system that's formally advised to Americans' baby. But their principles anybody is getting positive experience with this particular broker?

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    I have traded with Oanda for many years and they appears to be fair about trading.
    The stark reality is that if someone put doubt into your thoughts then what
    becomes more speculations. It's ideal to keep it easy and learn the business and make
    the money.

    Trading is about business planning, understand what you likely to make in revenue and the way you intend
    your attack over the market. Daily Profit Budgets with Monthly Targets. .

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    Start looking for a programmer for binary options where I have a egy
    Can it be possible to assist me a programmer?
    Thank you for Assistance

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    Hello everybody,
    I want to exchange penny account.
    Do you understand any best broker which have cent account in the United states?

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    I trade with Oanda. You can trade any increment you want in their platform. Is this what you are searching for?

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    Https:// when forexbrokerinc changed its route some months ago they advoed FxChoice strongly but I wanted to attempt and see what was around and eventually went into the babypips ribbon mentioned within this hyperlink. My experience with all the fearsome US government, via this year's tax return's new query via TurboTax...for such as myself could be instructive for people who are scared to attempt out the US.

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