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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Its still awful. Indiors will be off on my charts today.
    Yeah that's a major s****!!!! I use north for chart analysis...

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    This type of item is shocking for me. I have heard a lot of good things about North Finance. Brokers are market manufacturers and I guess can do this sort of thing, but I'd think twice about keeping my cash unless there is a real good reason. I have been studying and studying that the Forex market for more than a year. I have researched many trading styles, philosophies, approaches, EA's, etc.. What took my breath away and nearly made me decide to leave it was when I understood the history price gap among brokers when I took a look. This was a couple of months back. At the time I was naive, dumb, you name it and thought price was price for the large part. This sort of thing happens. I am aware that the tiny retail Forex investor is a new phenomenon by anybody's standards. What really makes me think when I come up I can produce positive is, sustained, results to match my trading style, then what changes since too many men and women are winning. Like no longer acconts or 10,000 lot sizes. Man, I hope someone tells me there is a fantastic explanation for this and it must have been forseen due to the Christmas holiday, etc..

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    I've asked for an explanation from NF and I am eagerly anticipating there answer. Will let you know the results.

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    Oanda didn't do this B.S., Bloomberg was quoting GBP/USD in 1.9744 earlier today on TV, also Oanda never bought into it gave a true quote. I believe the dilemma is that we are mostly in a bucket (read rollercoaster store ) together with our brokers, also if anyone with a lot of cash freaks during times that have low liquidity, we now find out who the bucket shops are...

    I swear by Oanda since, even though their charting stinks, they are at least honest. They are fair...

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    If you do not enjoy Oanda's charting all you have to do is simply get free charting elsewhere...

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    Yes there charting is in a term pathetic, if it wasnt for this I would have gone but I find that the strong and simple to use MT4 applications. I don't enjoy Oanda's web interface .

    I might not have a choice in the matter soon anyway. I need a broker that uses micros to suit my new MM therefore NF will need to go.

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    I have e-mailed NF for a response to the AUD spiked high yet no other broker reflected they would have to fix this and this it was a mistake in their behalf. If I find out anything sooner I will post here.
    I lost alot of money with my stop loss being struck at .7999 which I think if really this is a mistake they would undo the trade???

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    Does anybody where the eurgbp is currently at??? Please let me no

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I've asked for an explanation from NF and I am eagerly awaiting there answer. Will let you know the outcomes.
    There is not any need explanation from NF needed, I had been viewing the price on these two sites and the price actually was mad that day

    Northfinance had only mixed it is feed price data, also shows prices most of the time incorrectly, but I can see them in these sites, and price actually Go big time up on all GBP and AUD crosses, then after everything settle down approximately 8 hours, price came back into it's first location, in those site I gave, I dont understand why this occur but there was a very major gap on yesterday holiday, which I took a few of this movement and made a decent cash...

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