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    that is the hot water. You know what it means! If not see picture.
    I dont know how much I will post here, I also dont know whether I will post at all.

    Main reason of this journal is that I need a loion where place something whilst trading without disturbing anybody (is a chart, a concept, or a movie an image etc.. )
    actually I mostly I exchange GU 50 percent - EU 30 percent - comm. XAU n XAG 15 percent
    my announcement also state 5 percent other things.

    Second reason is that I should see whether my trading is improving or not since im not happy until I improve something in my entire life.

    Im not best trader in the world so please don't follow my transactions until I will state the opposite or until I'll be the best trader in the whole world!

    Not much more to say now.

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    Only came back in barcellona
    lovely city

    will look at charts before pick a position....
    Im away because days

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    really both GU and EU published that sort of daily candle which may let me believe that down pressure is bit down than recent days.

    bullish day?
    Lets view

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Great to see your journal . Keep it up!
    Still hard to find the time to post forum. Busy days following holidays....
    Hopefully next week will be greater

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    I really have 3 actual accounts in different brokers:

    1. Fxpro is primary account with 1:500 lev
    2. Plus500 is secondary account with 1:50 lev (for med term transactions )
    3. Etoro is just another account I use occasionally because there I can place prefered leverage in every trade. Not interested anymore in championships and chat... actually that account is vacant.

    Will soon leave fxpro mt4 account for ctrader ECN account
    about having a secondary account I found quite helpful because its really difficult to work with an open position shown every second in chart. Too much distraction. Im definetly not able to go short in something if I see that my position lower in long. And opposite.
    Everybody must find his own limitations and work with them. This is one of mines!

    So, for example: I like place my long in gu 5750 and eu 3470 and allow them to run in plus500 that I only open if I must change something in that commerce. Then in my fxpro chart that commerce doesn't seem so I feel liberated to work without thinking about these positions and I can forget them that is the best thing to do fro med term transactions.

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    I mainly read ur articles and enjoy ur charts they're simple and easy to comprehend. Dont post much onforexsoutheast.asiabut yeah lurking many good traders . Hope to see same good charts in this particular journal.


    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I mainly read ur posts and enjoy ur charts they are simple and easy to comprehend. Dont post much onforexsoutheast.asiabut yeah lurking many good traders . Expect to see same very good charts in this particular journal.


    Great Luck

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    im interested to short GU near 5850-70
    chart below show congestion of tings there:
    previous support region fibofan of current downmove h4 bollinger group ema60h4

    5850 was previous swing high.
    Will change to m5 chart to determine action if price goes near 5850 in next h4 candle.

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    can we make possible to delete tick chart in order window?

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    Ok completing here trading session daily and week
    my holidays are calling

    will return within 10days

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