About me:

I started being interested in stock market in 2000. After reading about CANSLIM in 2004, and more novels, technical analysis cough my attention.
I came to FX by chance: once in 2005 I got an advertisement email in my box Trade Currencies Online with FXCM. Oh, yeah. They called me maybe 5 times, first to setup demonion, and then buy their course, and even once a rep told me cannot win on demonion, you must open a live account, you will see everything will change. And that was when there were no microlots and I provided 2k to open an account!!! I've never opened up an account with them.

I was dumb. I didn't have the patience for demonion. After 1-2 weeks of breaking-even on demonion I thought everyday there's a trade and if I do not take it I'm loosing money! .
Does this seem familiar possibly?

I did not even understand what a trading system is, how to build it, what's a egy, did not understand the difference between installation and a trigger. I was lucky to meet with a South African guy on one of the talk forums (I used to live in RSA for 11 years), and he helped me build a system. Indiors mostly.
The rest you understand: indiors, x1000.

After I've lost big time. No, I never had a margin call, but something like 80% reduction and request to deposit by credit card, so that I did. Fortunately that trade was closed for only about 50% reduction of the account. I traded with SLs, with no SLs, average down, martingale, revenge, breakouts, MA crossovers, news!!!
Oh, I remember one news trade. I'm coming to my wife in the kitchen and say we are 40 pips, it moves exactly the way it supposed to on news. I felt... clever. The moment I returned into my computer I was 60 pips negative. That is for news trading.
Yet another time I did not place SL on GBPUSD, but I hedged. OK, no margin in danger but SWAP! I closed the hedge. I stared at the looser two nights with no sleep. I couldn't take it, I closed it to get -120 pips. The following day GBP went my way and I would be 240pips. I felt physically ill.
Many, many times I made dumb mistakes, buying the greatest high and selling the lowest lows. It was exhausting. I felt dumb, like most of trading world was laughing at me (and hello, in some part it is true - that the pros are laughing carrying pips from newbies).
I was plogically damaged and emotionally drained. For 2-3 years that I did not remember taking a look at my wife, just charts, charts, charts, typically 16-20 hours each day. Very little sleep. I've realized I need to stop. Perhaps trading wasn't for me? But I couldn't give up yet. I made a decision to edue myself longer.

I came to this forum in 2005 or even 6. I used the title GeorgeW. George was my nickname in the school in SA. I am going to explain why I registered under a new name in a moment.

I understand many men and women say that matters displayed on some personal forums are free online. I concur, but for a newbie it realy is very, very hard to actually understand what to search for. Hence I became a member of J16. I didn't stay long. To begin with I had a terrible time financially and at work, then I've also realized that I have what I need. I went to other places, purchased a massive course entitled Trend Dynamics, quite hard to understand, but I truly must mention it was useful.
Then other groups, such as DGL (now unavailable), Median Lines with Tim Morge and Paul Coghlan (both: great stuff), read possibly 10,000 pages from Gann novels to System manuals and fundamentals.

In 2007 I started to become rather profitable. From a loosing trader to break-even trader. In 2008 I started to make consistent profits, about 15-25% per year.

Now, why have I changed my name on this forum?

Especially lately, (but it started in 2011) I've had a change of my mind. I stopped feeling anything when I set the trade. No anger following a looser. No excitement following a winner. Just nothing , it so? - kind of mind.
Also, my egies started to emerge clearly. Very simple things seemed, things I did not find before, or maybe I did, but that I did not think?
From a learner GeorgeW I became a totally different trader. It is like George was somebody else. Completely different individual. It went to the stage that I started to dislike the nickname George. It felt that GeorgeW is jinxed! A curse! So I decided to change everything. emerged. BTW, that's my real name in English. My roots are Polish.
I realized that title change isn't possible on the forum, so I've registered .

Don't get me wrong. I do not claim to get it to become unexpectedly professional trader or guru. Nothing like that. It is a completely different feeling. Trading became natural and effortless. Yes, I'm still nervous sometimes, but I sleep well, and that I do not stare at charts all the timeI do not jump systemsI do not seek new things, I don't predict. I just trade what I find. If it works, good - it ought to. If it does not - well, bad period in markets.
I've retired from work at 40 and now trade and also pursue my other great passion (which is BTW a little company ).

This does not mean that I will not study more. What it means is that I do not force-search for any brand-new system or idea out there. I've my very own. Now I have about 9-10 setups, if they grow or enhance, great, if do not I will be fine.

I wish you best trading. I wish trading was a game with 50-50 possibility of losers and winners. Nonetheless, it is not. 95% people neglect. Maybe more. But think of this logically: if you open a coffee shop without understanding how to professionally create decent coffee and how to conduct such company, you're likely to fail. Whether or not you spend 100k for rent, equipment and internal decorations. In 1-3 years that your shop will shut down. Even in the event that you decide to make a good cup of java you still have maybe only 30-40% of succeeding. People accept that in company, but at the exact same time wanna be traders do not accept that when they open a account.
And when you finally succeed - it is in fact tough to feel sorry for people who loose cash trading stupidly. I see you, I believe you, I understand where you're, but I just don't feel sorry for you. You have to learn, research, backtest, foward-test, have patience. Should you start looking for a fast buck - I really don't care, I and other traders will take your buck or two and add to our account. It is a simple fact.

I wish you very best.