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    This is more for myself to keep me honest, but if anyone else finds it helpful or interesting, so much the greater.

    I basically trade jacko-style (member since Feb 2009) but have recently awakened a few with fantastic success.

    Currently commerce 6 pairs - two% risk per trade - set limit orders every 50 pips with 100 pips TP. Although my guidelines are a trendline and the EMA no firm stops.

    Current trade directions:

    EUR/USD brief
    USD/JPY extended
    AUD/USD extended
    USD/CAD brief
    USD/CHF extended
    GBP/USD extended

    14 open transactions at the moment, overall position -6.05%

    I usually check in throughout the afternoon and in the day because I work/go to college and dont have access throughout the day.

    This week so far has been really very good and I'll total up over the weekend.

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    Currently 15 open trades, -4.18Percent

    Week's Outline: 21% 939 pips

    Month's summary 35% 1484 pips

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Currently trade 6 pairs - two% risk per transaction - place limit orders every 50 pips with 100 pips TP. No firm stops although my guidelines are the 50-day EMA along with a trendline.
    Khernandez, you're using limit orders. Does this mean you're waiting for a 50 pip retrace before you put in the trade in the direction of this trend?
    And what time frame(s) would you use to determine the direction of this trend? One greater time frame or all (daily, weekly and yearly )?

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    Khernandez, all these transactions are in trend direction and sound about right, however

    You are shorting E/U and longing A/U, why not brief The EUR/AUD??

    Same with G/U and U/CHF, why did you long the G/CHF??

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    Fewhills- daily charts only - every 50 pips in direction of trend (so incorporating positions as the trend continues but each has a 100 TP)

    brb - I only additional one of the most common pairs - I am considering every one of them individually and not at all together

    I have no idea how this will perform in the long run but far so good. I've already surpassed my goal for the year.

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    15 open transactions, Do of them if the total P/L is certain pips or you await every one indvidually?? I have 8 transactions that are open and I am awaiting close all on 700 pips.

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    If I believe that the management of this trend has changed I'm treating every trade individually and will close them.

    Beginning of week update:

    15 open transactions (3 AUD/USD lengthy, 2 EUR/USD short, 2 GBP/USD long, 3 USD/CAD short, 3 USD/CHF lengthy, 2 USD/JPY extended )

    -2.72% U P/L

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    Overnight action: 2 TPs (AUD and GBP)

    currently 13 open trades, U p/L 2.49%

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    1 TP (EUR/USD short); 4 SLs (in BE when commerce has gone 50); currently 10 trades available, -7.00% U P/L

    Set a couple more limit orders and reconsidered TP (reducing to 50) for several pairs with reduced 14-day ATR compared to EUR.

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    Tuesday EOD: 3 TPs (2 on EUR/USD brief, 1 on USD/CHF extended )

    Current: 12 open transactions, -11.69% U P/L

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