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    Earth's GBP entry would very be reliable on the rejection of the Daily S1 pivot

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    AU, UJ and UCAD Will be posted one hour later, and followed by EJ,EA, GJ and GA

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    AUD/USD daily: that the Bullish movement is chiefly due to the conclusion of ABCD pattern on daily chart. . A breakout of the major suppor t of 0.7233, AUD would head down to 0.6890 degree as another goal.
    There's some few fundamentals u might love to focus on for AUD which is that the China market stability as well as the gold price. . Gold prices appears to be encouraging the autumn on AUD on the current moment, although things are getting a bit rough down in china. However, watch. . China may not go from hand as what many economist said.

    In my perspective, China has all of the reserves to battle themselves from the bubble that they made.
    One question: previous article from forum yesterday I read said that asia may have enough book to encourage the economic breakdown unlike 1998. . Such as Indonesia and many others, WHY not CHINA?? So I tend to neglect most of the articles stating that China cant do much to encourage their market. . They have all to bring the entire market back to normal. It just gonna take a while. Cause timing is the main factor of economic equilibrium.

    So... before we see any kind of stabilization in China, I might expect AUD to proceed far. . It might just play around that range untill further signs shaped.
    IF everything goes well for them, I guess AUD rebounce goal would be around 0.8000 in a long-term view.

    Back to moderate or short term... Long entry should only be entered @ 0.7285 and below. . Whereas short entry u could enter on any harmonic or fibonacci patterns if u found them.
    Total I am bearish on this pair on will search for 0.7253 as brief entry goal.
    Note: Look for pattern within for the brief entry

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    Whereas any upward move would be heading to 0.7483

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    USDCAD. Daily: 1.4117 target, AB=CD pattern nevertheless prevails.... But we have a crab pattern shaped in between for short opportunities. .
    Lets switch to H1 to Search for entry. .
    We've got a bearish butterfly and bullish gartley forming... entries at those level are the ideal choice. .

    Stay tune to crude oil movement. . They tend to move together. . Oil price up, CAD up... basically thats how to fundamentally justify CAD's strength.

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    E/U long could be 1.12100

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    E/U long triggered @ 1.12100

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    GU @ that is long 1.52750

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