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Thread: My Market Order System

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    Cavenlee... continue with the case UC

    had 2 entries in UC
    the first... Mn-w1...1 september (chart above)
    the second... W1-d1... 7 september (close... would have touched TP)

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    Thank you porfirio, I believe I will post some true entry example see whether my idea is correct thanks for the explaination

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    hi porfirio
    that is E-A weekly and daily
    and E-G daiy and H4, pls comment

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    EA.... I prefer wait patiently in d1 for buy... d1-h4

    EG... in concept the buy was great... d1-h4

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    hi porfirio
    from this circumstance, is it suitable to place a buy order?

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    Hi Mr P, thanks to the fantastic job you re doing here. I would like to seek your opinion with this weekly eurcd.

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    hi fx...

    I prefer to wait around for buy... d1-h4

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    hi porfirio
    last time u mention this pair, now is time for sell?

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    hi cavenlee

    sorry, I didn't see your query about usd-fch

    is well known to describe in another speech....

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    cavenlee. . .now cad-chf

    rarely happens if you look great... I do not promote
    why? I want to find the candles losing strength

    I enjoy fractals that sort triangles... and this was not true

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