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    This is my The Weekly Flow trading platform.

    I exchange all the pairs that I can, and this system is a principles based alerting, then look around a bit before deciding to enter, type of system. It monitors the Weekly chart for that alert, then adds the daily chart to help the alert. (Yes. I do sometimes later look at the 4hr chart, and much less seldom, bring up the 1 hr chart for a glance.)

    I decided to re-enter the forum due to where I'm at with trading this very easy system that I put together out of my most eye opening Forex minutes. I started with approximately $550 in my account around beginning of Feb., 2017. By July to August I was down to around $230.00. When I started dediing to this particular system, I also strayed out of it. It was that I finally got rid.

    As of 10/27/17, I regained my losses thanks to ultimately eliminating enough bad habits, that the machine began functioning.

    This is my The Weekly Flow trading platform, and I am the Ten Year Plan Person....hahahahahaha

    Profiles: I have 8 profiles: P1 to P8. The 8 profiles have a total of, which in-turn contain open 100 open charts. Six of those eight profiles hold 4 pairs (eight charts). The other two profiles hold 3 pairs (six charts). Each pair is made up by both the D1 and the charts. So, if done properly, an individual could have 50 charts open and 50 daily charts available.

    Indiors: The sole indior I have in my charts is the BB(34). I guess that is the sole indior I haven't gotten rid of....hahahahaha....seriously! . It has little to no bearing on the trade entry or exit, but I guess sometimes it is an overall reference.

    Alright... here is a 1 of the 8 profiles so you can see what I am talking about....lets see. How did this uploading charts item go again.... See charts at bottom....

    How I exchange....

    1. First and most important for me personally is that I have to see a set up on the weekly chart before I go.
    2. After viewing a setup on the weekly chart, I will check the daily chart. I will peak at the monthly and the four hour charts if I believe I should.

    My Weekly Signal... #1 - This is the main signal....

    1. I start looking after I visit higher highs closed in a row to go short, and that I seem to go after 3 lows in a row have closed. Make sense up to now? Otherwise, simply wait.... The trades will appear, and you'll then see....

    2. After getting the third high, I will want to enter below the low of the past high that is higher. If need be, I will move the entry up. The opposite goes for looking over the high of the past lowest 22, using three lower extremities.

    3. Loe a stop loss, or at least know your limit as to how far you'll go in the adverse prior to closing a trade. Remember you are currently playing smaller lot sizes, but nevertheless know your limit, and trust yourself. Read the charts.... There'll be time for you to get it right....

    My Weekly Signal... #2 -Secondary signal....

    1. This is a bit more selective/objective trade and how to recognize the sign will come soon... Cripes! I'm tired....


    1. There's of course more to carrying pips than the entrance. In reality, I find the entrance too easy, and one needs to be mindful. The key to winning cash, is to just stop where your are going to lose it, entering. Another words... the SL, TP, are important. Your gut is vital, but your attention is important. What do you see? .... The trees make the weekly chart forest. Tracking your pips is also important. I hope that you just find as that I do the market picture these 100 charts reveal. And I am just at the beginning.... On the lookout for a single thing on a single chart....then I do my best to see, see, and respond accordingly....using time the weekly chart gives me.

    More to come....Thank You.... I hope that you have discovered this useful. Thanks so far! Please don't hesitate to interact in anyhow! . . Charts, comments, questions. . .These are things we will have the time to think about and discuss,,,

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    This is a nice sell trade that's looking like it's finishing the T1 commerce set-up on the weekly to get a continuation of my current short, which I bought
    about the break out alteration. Looking nice....

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    text publiion.... Now all!! I need is a little chance!

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    CAD/CHF for people who are paying attention....

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    Seeking right in the combination of a weekly flag is this trade....

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    As we go into Monday I am going to be leaving open all trades. I believe I am not going to get into charts besides those with open trades. I had bad luck trading on Monday last week, and it set a tone for the week. Therefore, I won't look to input any trades until Tuesday.

    I am quite happy with this systems simple entry sign....when I've gone rogue is when I wind up lost in a trade. It was the system that kept me profit this week.

    For the time being, I am considering making my trading a 3-day weekend by not entering trades until Tuesday!

    Maybe I'll see you all again soon with something great to show you

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    Well... I have been aboveback below. Back over, etc.... for 3 weeks today. The positive is that I am 2200 pips in profit. I'll take that any day. So far I am 1/5th of the way to my aim. I am about 5/8ths of the way there, Should I take advantage of the floor. You may select if you need.... I might as well begin at the bottom.

    The wonderful thing about this system, is that occasionally, I seemed to get confused about what's up if my trades were open for some time, and I also did not want to miss anything. Employing the chart, I have discovered that when the confusion occurs, and the trades shut. So many times I see that I really haven't missed much, and I will always come back after 24 hours, and in certain cases I can re-enter or see a new pair to look in to.

    That appeared to occur again this week... and all by first looking for my t1 trade.

    I was supposed to achieve a target this season, but I went backwards first. So, if that needs to be the 1st of my 10 year program.... Then I am okay with this, but I am certainly I will still make it in only 9.... I hope the way I am thinking is correct, and that that is a light that I am reaching for!

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    Well.... How are you doing?

    I have been holding my own, however I hope that I see correctly a bullish USD move on the weekly and these! I am stating that I see this, since I see a bunch of the Type 2 trade. I have also jumped the gun on a few Type 1 transactions.... Extended USD. Incidentally.

    I am not going to show my early entrance trade charts, as this isn't what I wish to edue. I will try to get up a T1 trade along with a T2 trade chart up this week. It are the 1st T2 trade examples I've posted, so I hope there are a few entries.... See you back here soon!

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    Hi... It has been awhile again. My system which I started in this thread worked well for a while, at which I started, but I ended up the year. I am aware that I am close, so I went to plan b. I hope to upgrade the first page together with what one egy I modified to. Because I am trading to the monthly I think, it took me a little while to get in sync with the market. Right. So search for an upgrade on page 1, and below are my current open positions. I hope I can stay or get longer in sync with the market.

    So after year , I broke even. Beginning this season, I am at rest even. My goal stays the 10-yr program. I have 8 1/2 to proceed. I do not want to go over ten decades here. Might be time to buckle my belt a little tighter. But, I am not complaining. I made improvements in my life as well. Playing these high of charts takes a lot of waiting and patience.

    4 years in remission and counting....

    The best to you , and much success!

    Currently Positions:

    Extended Usd/Chf on a weekly and close monthly entrance. And, believe it or not, there could have been BE trade or even a market TP on the daily. Me likes this one up to now.

    Extended Aud/Jpy using a daily and a weekly transaction entry. If I want to close it I will see.

    Extended Aud/Usd I had been somewhat late about the weekly entrance. There's an entry on the daily and it is pips apart, but there is a potential entrance.

    Extended Eur/Usd is my final open trade. I have a profit and have transferred SL.

    Without more margin there's absolutely not any reason to look for any other transactions. Just to make sure that the open ones shut in profit, and keep an eye out for a target profit..hopefully optimizing the profits.

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    Such as happened, well, I should have guessed. I was up profits, but I watched in the trades and so decided to keep them available for next week. Well. . I have less profit, but am hoping for a rebound into next week. So, I will be looking for my T1 or T2 sign this weekend. One thing.... That's it. Though I trade off the weekly chart. I still have exactly the same problem....figuring outside the exit in profit and do not be greedy. I've been greedy this week, but I actually saw a continuation and that's precisely what I wanted to be on. This is a very wonderful system!

    Keep a look out.... Might see a chart to place while watching the Badgers,,,,!!!!!! Go Buckies!!!!

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