Another Simple London Breakout System (with a twist)
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Thread: Another Simple London Breakout System (with a twist)

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    Considering the below two charts I see a total of 28 transactions:

    13 winners
    15 winners

    Here is the spin; All my winners went for 70 pips, my winners for just 30 pips. 460 pips in 14 trading days.


    -Throughout the first couple of seconds of the London's opening place two orders, one extended and one Brief using the same size, using a SL of 30 pips (I just risk max 2 percent of portfolio per transaction ).
    -Establish both TP's to 70 pips
    -Leave your pc and do something else!

    -This system works best on non-major pairs. EU, EG, GU, UC have a tendency to be a bit.
    -You will lose a minumum of one transaction each and every day! Get used to it, it is a component of the machine!

    Slimming 4 of 6 transactions will still put you ahead by 20 pips (4*-30 = -120 pips 2*70= 140pips).

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    It is only 1 day trading. I would never do that on live. At least not as of now
    Am interested in how it will look like when you choose these types of transactions on a longer period.

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    Monday's transactions with pictures.

    Took transactions on AUD/CAD, GBP/AUD, GBP/NZD, NZD/CAD, and EUR/NZD.

    Each buy and sell. Makes 10 trades. Two are still available.

    GBP/AUD short closed for a loss of 30 Pips, Long closed for a profit of 70 Pips

    GBP/NZD Long close for a loss of 30,1pips, Short closed for a profit of 70,5 Pips

    EUR/NZD Long closed for a loss of 31,5 Pips, Short closed for a profit of 70,2 Pips

    AUD/CAD and NZD/CAD long positions are available.

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    Fantastic materials and congrats. I got a bit sidetracked with this particular thread but I am happy to see this alive!


    Get these greens!!!

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    The remaining two trades aren't actually performing well. Price is either back at entrance level or slightly negative.

    First day of this week. A couple more days to come.


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    Hello all!
    Is this thread dead since it reduction or millionires do not need forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I tryed this thought and took 10 trades on thursday. I'll continue to do this. I didn't accept any trades today, of oversleeping only cause. My alarm was off. Anyway. The outcomes are as follows: AUD/CAD Long -0,00301 AUD/CAD Short 0,00701 GBP/AUD Long -0,003 GBP/AUD Short -0,003 GBP/NZD Long -0,00302 GBP/NZD Short 0,00705 NZD/CAD Long -0,003 NZD/CAD Short -0,00305 EUR/NZD Long -0,003 EUR/NZD Short 0,00706 All trades closed on thursday, except AUD/CAD Long. Today this one closed.
    Not bad, not bad in any way!

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