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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    excellent metod more information, and do you template for mt4 please?
    I do not use MT4 for my charting - I use Sierra Chart.

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    Installation after period of consolidation....

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    live setup.... Shorting at 97

    Can not win em all -- that was a loser

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    Have you got this candle indior for MT4?

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    He doesn't have MT4. He's stated that double

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    The 4 higher lows provided some clues about what could happen when price reached the last high.

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    Pretty much... I use the same theories in my trading

    after countless hours of analyzing really complied trading styles I depended on trading structure...

    if price makes a lower high... I am searching for brief opportunities... simple, effective, classic...

    getting included:-D

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    Anyone viewing this stuff later on will view it as the past so why not just post the charts which are most valuable in demoning your ideas. I looking into similar ideas myself right now about market structure. I like to see close and high rather than just higher highs, but in addition, it depends on how agressive you are. For example, do you input on the breakout candle when you see lift off, only to be stopped out to a pinbar? Or would you wait for a retrace back to SR thus losing some transactions that take for the moon and never return?

    I am an impatient man, but have been learning patience through said scenario. The market is such an abbusive teacher. Some days she makes a man happy to sing her praise, while some others, '' she makes him curl up in a fetal position, begging for a way out of this string of losers he has found himself .


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