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Thread: Earning 10-20% per month on 10k capital: Realistic?

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    Hello everyone,

    I have been trading for a quite some time now and had both Good and Bad fortune but mostly Good fortune believing that I have earned profit each month on my capital since the start.

    I'm usually a day trader and most of my trades are approximately 6 to 12 hours, but sometimes, they go longer if the situation demands it.

    Now I am thinking of going all in with a capital of approximately 10k USD.

    My egy is make about 10% to 20 percent per month on that capital.

    Today I have had pretty good trading egy and now I have earned about 40% to 70%return each month on my first small capital.

    I feel those number looks exaggerated and reveal that I have had a very good chance or something but trust me they're what I managed to achieve.

    My issue toy'all is that, Is it feasible to earning atleast 10 to 20 percent on a capital per month while remaining realistic.

    By sensible I mean, by an experienced trader's standpoint, can it be okay If I plan at just 10% to 20% return on my capital each month.

    Or can it be Aiming too high?? Should I revise it down to a lower number or should I aim higher?

    I'd prefer all of your opinions on my objectives.

    TL DR; Can it be feasible to make 10% to 20% profit on a capital of 10k USD while being safe and realistic?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    For me, nothing makes less sense than setting yourself profit goals. Well thought out performance goals might help you develop your trading, but establishing a profit target will push you to behave in order to fulfill objectives.
    Actually I must kinda agree with this, especially if the broker isn't that experienced. Yes, discipline a part of what makes a trader a professional trader. But professional traders, may set a range, also regarding pips than dollar signs. .
    Goals are great, so long as the said goal post doesn't make us reckless in trading. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Now thats Enough Said... =-RRB-
    Quoting matheszabi
    quote lol
    Today thats Enough Said... =-RRB-

    have a look at this account today.

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    I just believe the reason all behind the collapse is failure to admit you are wrong and have a Loss.
    Instead keep your trading to proceed Margin Call!

    As long as it is possible to accept reduction, I am certain that you will make $ in this business.
    Don't let it enter negative hundred of pips

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello Everybody, I have been trading for a quite a while now and'd both Good and Bad fortune but largely excellent fortune believing I have earned profit each month on my capital since the beginning. I am usually a day trader and most of my trades are approximately 6 to 12 hours, but at times, they go longer if the situation demands it. I am considering going all in with a funding of approximately 10k USD. My plan will be bring in about 10% to 20 percent per month. Now I have had pretty good trading egy and now I've earned about 40% to 70% return every month...
    potential really,simply controll your patience and dont be greedy (greatest MM FOR SURE. .) And you will success!



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    It is possible to profit 10 - 20% per month....which is what I do each month,and have done for a while. I began using #3000 funds as a day trader whenever I had off from my occupation. This was back in 2011 and # 33,000 has been since reached over by my investment. Would have been more but I used #5,000 for the new motorcycle last year.

    I'd say I'm pretty strict about trades I set. I'll look at potential trades the day before and look at some trends on the market. If on the day I'm comfortable about a particular trade I'll set it....and provided it is very volotile I'll scalp from it on several hours.Normally I'll achieve 1 percent (or more) daily. The best ones which work for me are if a pair is oversold,then trades set in the right times supply my profits as the markets settle back to normal.

    Most of us have different egies and success varies.What works for one person might not for someone else,you have to develop your own. It works for me and I'll continue with it.No plans to work Forex full time just yet. 1 tip I'd say (particularly to Rookie traders - be individual and just trade at the right time,and not just trade blind).

    ....But yes,10 - 20% is possible if you trade with the right egy.

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    Hello Foreign Exchange traders! ,

    I think that it is likely to earn 100% in a month. To make 100% you need to make approx. 70-75percent (rule of 72).

    Should you own scalp the most important two pairs for approx. 40 hrs per week there are approx 40 good trades per week (Tuesday to Friday).

    The risk per trade: 2-3 percent, and trade generally with the trend, although with expertise you'll be able to change this, but generally with the trend.

    Now, let's say from the 40 trades you win 23 and lose 17, along with your ordinary win/loss is 2.5%, then that's 15%week. So 5 months = double your cash.

    I am confident that you are able to play with the above mentioned numbers a little to fit your circumstances.

    If you look at the 30 second/1 minute charts of EUR/USD and USD/JPY over an ordinary week (Tuesday to Friday) you will see at least winnable 40 trades.

    Then it boils down to sitting there for those hours to make the money.

    So, it is likely to make 100 percent /month for some.

    N.B.. There are other pairs which occasionally give great returns, such as EUR/JPY.

    And, there are infinite variations of what I've typed over. It is up to you.

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    I do really trade in the way described above.

    I don't feel that it is original. I am certain it is a path to riches.

    It's reassuring as a pack animal (apes because we are) to have others of your species follow you. So. I'd be delighted to communie with others who trade such as this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    No it's impossible. Think 10 to 20. No one does that Profit, nobody has, nobody will. The very best of the best earn 20-30percent per year, which is extremely significant. Why should you be better? It is pretty unlikely.
    I'm not saying I'm the very best of the best, but I have made 98% profit in my initial investment in the previous 10 months. I will hit at around 110% after 12 weeks.

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    I think that figure is doable 10 even with trading half a lot or somewhat larger.

    I personally wouldn't go all-in. You don`t need to. If you're able to get one good move per month, you practically meet your goal there. I'm referring to a wonderful swing move, not a few 10 pip intraday move.

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