How to be a trader for a company?
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Thread: How to be a trader for a company?

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    Does anybody how to become a trader for a firm? I mean I understand theres a lot of places for senior traders that make alot. . .but need as much experience.

    I figure I'm asking how can traders that want to create trading their occupation get started? What position do they think about when u have no expereince...a stockbroker?

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    Hi guys. I've gone through research and interviews regarding how you need to prepare to obtain a job as trader.

    I've shared the above in a site I have lately started.

    Feel free to visit and Take a Look at the information.

    It contains information regarding how to prepare your CV/Cover Letter, general info about various companies and how to Get Ready for interviews


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Just decided to bump this thread as, in my opinion, it is one of the best threads on this whole forum. Thank you Trader888 for your insights.

    PD: Anyone know who's Trader888? Has been too long since his last post

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    Very nice thank you for sharing!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote My basic salary was very good and the bonus functioned on a scale, I had to produce the budget they place to get any bonus, which was about 5% of funding. But what over the budget I shared by roughly 25%. So funding is $1mil I purchase $50k bonus, so I earn $2mil. My bonus was just $150k. My basic salary was nearly matched by it, so that I decided the negative is not worthwhile. If you did not make budget but arrived within just like 80% of it then you got a 13th cheque. If you made less than 80% of funding then you got another...

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    Trader888 has gone about 4 years. Refer his article back, he talked another dimension of trading, it is always great to gain this knowledge for every trader

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    I anticipate trader 888 once time appear. .

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    What a very long time since my previous post and what a trip!

    I have moved on to become kind of a fire fighter for a bank in emerging markets in Africa. Travel last couple of years and really enjoying all of the travelling, managed to place another 15 countries on my visisted list. My wife enabled us to have another baby, plus a woman!

    I live in a really tiny coastal town with no more than 5000 inhabitants and that I travel to at least 2 African countries a month, what a trip my spouse and I have had! I have enjoyed my life as a trader and have gained a lot of significance in understanding myself. I am nevertheless happier in my current life as it gives a purpose to life in the sense and seems to add more significance my presence adds value .

    Once a trader always a trader. . .the market simply changes...

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    I'm happy with your condition sir

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    Show them your real account functionality with past 6 month history in profit
    show then your egy send everything through email or get a person address or telephone number
    and let then table talk to u

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    Wow! All the threads onforexsoutheast.asiawould be the previous ones. I am glad you bumped this so that I could find it. I wonder where Trader888 is?
    Seems like just a bunch no trading Aholes attempting to start flame wars are running around today on the busy threads which are the home page, lol.
    This ribbon was a refreshing read.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Just decided to bump this old thread , in my estimation, it is one of the best threads on this entire forum.

    Thank you Trader888 to your insights.

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