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Thread: The Market is Cuckoo

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    Life Trading
    The most remarks are linked with all the live trading. Orders will released beforehand or directly through the fx trading.

    This page is dedied to those people who prefer to win. You could get suggestion or one. I don't know!

    Aside from for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so, (The Tragedie of Hamlet, William Shakespeare), to all appearances the forexmarket appears to be crazy and turns all topsyturvy so that everybody can lose one's shirt. Forex is the place to invest risk capital. The market creates a lot of anomalies, e.g. against every technical or fundamental analysis, against price action and it seems really often in the very last months also contrary to the market itself here and there. High speedy algorithm trading dominate the market and nobody knows where the market could proceed.

    If you've got helpful tips feel free to publish here at this threat. You could do it in english, german or french.
    The goal is earning 10-100percent per year (real accounts). Interested traders that do this and have this success on real accounts over the past years are welcome to give their thoughts at this board here!

    Trading Strategy
    I take only a few indiors predominantly, such as the CCI and Pivotals, price action, a few support and resistance lines and the candlesticks described in my threads in former times. The principal aspects could be that the exact same trading system may work differently for each person based on his experience (corpus rationale), risk tolerance, fundamental comprehension of market indiors, plogical control (discipline), and a variety of other private charactaristics that could make your trading prosperous. I'd love to add that the four systems complement each other.

    Wir leben alle unter demselben Himmel, aber wir haben nicht alle denselben Horizont.
    Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer

    Risk-Management in Life Trading
    Trades are executed labeled with 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x often to take advantage of a situation of different entry- exit points.
    Scalping Trades are done with 10x oft-times.
    If nothing is tagged e.g. EURUSD, Extended @ 1.3500, that is 1x (= 0.1 Lot) at a 10'000. -$ Account and
    0.01 Lot per 10-K-Account will be advoed by cutting the risk.

    I want you happy trading!

    A journey of a thousand miles must start with a single step.
    Laozi (Laotse)


    Further explenations: #2, #376, #438, #456, #475, #647, #769 #771, #787, 1'408

    Actual Account (Leverage 1:50)
    Actul Impact - Equity: 1'011. -$, p.37, #722 (2014 April 18); Equity: 1'033. -, p.43, #856 (2014 April 28); Equity: 1'100. -$, p.45, #895 (2014 April 30);
    Impact: 10% because 2014 April 18 - 2014 April 30;

    LOM = Reduction Order Management; LOTTA = Extended (er) Term Trade Account; LT = Life Trading; LTT = Longer Term Trade; STT = Shorter Time Trading; MTFA = Multiple Time Frame Analysis; PO = Pending Order; RA = Risk Assessment; S = Scalping; ST = Swinging Trade; 1/10 = 0.1 Lot; SL = Stop Loss, TS = Trailing Stop


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    Tandem Trading
    EURUSD, Brief @ 1.3256 (3x), Goal @ 1.3156
    USD,JPY, Short @ 103.74 (3x), Goal @ 102.70

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    EURUSD, Short @ 1.3275 (5x), Exit @ 1.3180 (3x), @ 1.3150 (2x)
    The disadvantage trend looks unbroken.

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    EURUSD, M30, 2014 August 22

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    EURUSD, H4, 2014 August 28
    Long @ 1.3192
    Let's see whether the top resistance line (thin dotted black line) will be broken.

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    USDCHF, Long @ 0.9149, Target @ 0.95
    Weekly's market price could running dowm the SMA200 (see #2'023, please) with ascending monthly candles.

    EURUSD, Monthly, 2014 August 28

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    USDCHF, Weekly, 2014 August 28

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    EUR Demise Supported From Record-Low Peripheral Yields
    Posted by: August 27, 2014

    This Friday can't come soon enough for some forex market participants. So far this week, investors are starved for fundamental data to back their currency positions. Many have had to contend with last week's central bank rhetoric to get leadership. The currency positioning play has been agonizingly slow to watch and also the current market grind requires more fundamentals to confirm shareholders #8217; opinions. From the end of the week, there's guaranteed to be some month-end portfolio rebalancing shenanigans that will put some of the weaker currency positions under pressure. Recently, it's been predominately a net-buying dollar occasion by U.S. corporations.
    Exceeding tomorrow's German inflation statistics, there's a plethora of Japanese economic numbers to be released on Friday, and they're likely to influence expectations on if Bank of Japan (BoJ) Governor Haruhiko Kuroda will constitute the country's stimulation program. Japanese information is called to show that the planet's third-largest market is once more floundering after hiking the earnings consumption tax in April (from 5% to 8%). The market will be focusing on the Japanese core consumer-price index (excluding food and energy). It is forecast to increase 3.3% over annually in July -- or 1.3% excluding the effects of the tax increase. These numbers are well below the BoJ's 2% inflation target. Last weekend rallying cry by Kuroda indied that Western authorities remain committed to its accommodative stance until the 2% inflation target is met and kept in a sustainable way. Will the BoJ try and inflate progress with much more hot-air or will it add to its competitive easing program?

    European Consumer Confidence Wanes
    European reports again missed hopes, as the area continues to report deterioration in economic information. This morning saw misses in German import prices (-0.4percent ), and a slight miss in the monthly GfK consumer opinion survey (8.6 versus 8.9). Even French and Italian customers #8217; waning confidence was able to impede European bourses#8217; two-day equity rally. It is all about the investor weighing weak European statistics together with the timing of a potential European Central Bank (ECB) debut of a quantitative easing (QE) program.
    Confidence among French producers dropped slightly this past month (96 versus 100) as they become less optimistic about the long run. Obviously, this morning's report was conducted prior to President Fran├žois Hollande dissolved his adminiion. Nonetheless, there's not much global confidence in Europe's second largest economy as it pursues an austerity-measured method of fixing what ails.
    Italy is faring no better as consumer confidence dropped for a third successive month, sinking to its lowest level since April (101.9 versus 104.4 -- no World Cup performance correlation). It is not a surprise to realize that the fall was directed by a deterioration in general opinion and reduced expectations to the economic situation. This month, Italy, Europe's third-largest market, has slipped back into a technical recession. Both of these polls indied that there are continuing concerns over falling prices -- currently and for the future -- highlighting the ECB's dreaded deflation trap. Little wonder that the market is gambling that the ECB is edging nearer to QE.

    Euro Periphery Bonds in Demand
    Despite geopolitical threats (Russia and Ukraine talks fail to create a breakthrough); the risk of executing QE is encouraging eurozone bond prices. German 10-year Bunds ( 0.93percent ) are again trading close to record-low returns. Even overseas buying is ling peripheral debt, together with returns in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal all sinking to fresh record lows this afternoon.
    As noted throughout the week, long-dated Bonos (Portugal debt paper) are faring best, at which 30-year spreads are about -6bps tighter to Bunds, while 10-year product drops only behind at -5bps. Italian bonds will continue to lag before tomorrow#8217;s supply. Prior to a bond market, it#8217;s that the trader#8217;s intent to attempt and back-up the standard interest rate curve allowing some room to take down supply at a more favorable rate (higher returns equals lower prices).

    German Minister Disagrees with Draghi#8217;s Fiscal View
    The tendency remains the market's friend. The EUR's new tendency lower is maintaining the long-term bearish outlook undamaged. Any market fear will probably be about the currency being oversold. The EUR popped earlier this afternoon, threatening to extract the plogical #8364;1.3200 handle with certainty, following Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaebule said that ECB President Mario Draghi had been over-interpreted#8221; when he implied that monetary policy might play a larger role in promoting growth. The single unit's gains are aggressively capped, somewhat indiing the potency of the bearish nature of the currency. The EUR currently resides only ahead of its annual lows, and marginally handcuffed to a plethora of alternative barriers and month-end requests.
    In the short term, the selling of EUR on the crosses will decide the currency's direction. Month-end speculation allegedly rests with USD vendors, and it's well worth noting that today is spot-value month-end -- historically of late, this has brought a decent U.S. bid for dollars. Some price moves will not be explained from here to week's end. Anticipate month-end need to be held accountable.

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