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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am really backtesting on divergence as of now... here's my cheat sheet version: 1 ). If u see an uptrend on the chart and there is a divergence about the tops- it's a reversal 2. If un an uptrend and divergence on the 2 points that are bottom - it's a continuation . Downtrend on chart with divergence on points - reversal 4. Downtrend on chart with divergence on top points - continuation I utilize stochastic on 4H TF - so far has gone 130 trades with decent result, however, averaging on 5-8 setups/month we will see how I go then... good luck there! ...
    Described so beautifully!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I personally have found that the Stochastics set at 8,3,3, to show divergences far better than MACD or RSI, Look in the attached chart stochastics is showing equally normal divergence and Hidden Divergence, where as MACD hasn't shown either. The choice of what you use is an issue of personal taste. But place both on a chart in your favorite time period and see which you prefer. The attached PDF will provide you a simple explanation of Divergence with clear chart examples. picture picture
    Hi Dee50,
    Nice to know you! Thanks for the Bdf
    Could you share me the Sotochastic Divergence Indior?
    Thanks! happy trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote -- Hi Dee50, Nice to know you! Thanks for the Bdf Can you talk about me the Sotochastic Divergence Indior? Thanks! Joyful trading
    The Stochastics indior is MT4 standard, the divergences are hand drawn, you will find indiors here onforexsoutheast.asiathat can draw the Divergences for you personally but I have never bothered with them therefore I can not guide you to a trusted one, if such a thing exists.

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    Isn't divergence crap the most deceiving useless crap in the analysis?

    Am stupid or wrong:

    that a MACD is a difference of two MAs

    use typical 12 26 9 like

    some mad ppl points a daily chart, shouting, see, divergence evolved more than 3 weeks, golden opportunity to short!

    Feck me, man, that current MACD worth is difference of current 12 and 26 MAs. And you compare this to 3 weeks ago's 12 and 26 days prior MA worth, and also you said comparing these two values give you an edge??? Heck, I don't need a backtest to convince me it is crap.

    Ok, I admit that I have seen some profitable traders using divergence. That helps my confidence really -- stupid ppl believing wrong concepts can be profitable too (by doing major things right), so I can either.

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