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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote It comes down to trying new things until something sticks, don't waste much time, on something that you can't trade live, no matter how good it seems history wise. If you can't see / hope the setups live, try something different.
    No arguments here..and if a trader spends hundreds of hours viewing charts but can't make one pip profit, something's wrong. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No discussions here..and when a trader spends hundreds of hours viewing charts but can't make a single pip profit, something's wrong. .
    Yes, agree with u. This egy is among the easiest for my suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yes, agree with u. This egy is one of the most easiest for my suppose.
    LOL that takes me back to my very first run with a stay account as a newbie - Yes, I had been one of those idjits who opted to go live before the demo and can tell you that the countless hours staring at the display sure did not net me any pips other than a splitting headache, live and learn.

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    It is unbelievable that one individual who has been doing one thing for 9 years never mediated the way to do it. I'm that idiot. Fundamentally, I did not know it until today.

    It is not about if the trades turned wrong or right by my prediction. It is about I do everything that is right to perform, with a goal at reaching ultimate'correctness' (or even excellency?) .

    I did know'this concept', but knowing and doing are two distinct things, which can really 5uck my d1ck off.... yeah, for 9 years.... This thing is just not distinct from dwelling.

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    Let's review what kind of trader we're speaking about. Traders using other people's money aren't traders, they're salesmen. The majority of Wall Street traders are salesmen. They make their money by selling fundamental (news) advice and carrying a commission on the amount of money their client wagers.

    On the flip side, you've got traders who market systems. These traders sell the technical information in the kind of indiors or trend lines. They make their money providing a mathematical edge to you.

    Ultimately we get to actual traders like me. I do not trade other people's money, and I would never sell my edge.

    Sorry, but the salesmen mentioned in some of these posts, who advise you to find a real job... well, they're not traders. And the professionals who feign to know how to beat the market by making use of their signs... well, they aren't traders either.

    Can I want to say the truth about the salesmen and gurus again?

    How to become a successful trader, by Me , you need to want to gamble. Let's face it, the markets have been legalized gambling. However, they are my taste over games gambling or sports. Why? Because the likelihood of winning are really 50-50. You do not get that in gambling situations. But, the best reason is because when you bet on sports or games and you figure out you will lose. . .you cannot halt the bet and recover any of your wager. In the market, you receive 50-50 and can leave.

    How do I win? To begin with, if there's a major news (fundamental) announcement that day, I depart the market before it's released. I NEVER trade the news. I have a technical edge because I have efficiently analyzed their forecasting abilities and understand the math behind the indiors.

    Most people trade since it's like gambling and they enjoy the chances. Cool. The majority of people can drive a car also, but can they race it professionally? Folks can hammer a nail, but can you build a home? If you do not make trading your livelihood you will never succeed. Should you want to make trading a profession, then you have to ignore master and the salesmen. But you have to study. Anyone who is good at their job got good by practicing it and analyzing it and enhancing it. Right?

    There are too many wannabes who do not really wannabe. They want you to show them send a smilie face to you and how to make the money and say thank you very much. HAHAHAHAHA. If a person were to show you how you can succeed can you imagine, for just a second? What could you do? Likely be giddy and act like the major man/woman on campus and cling to everyone, and send pics, and ship templates, and within 24-48 hours a million people could have the system and also be entering and exiting at the exact same moment as you are. Hmm. Wouldn't that be good? You find the entry or exit and suddenly it spikes off from you. That will be All that work, time, and money. . .gone... so a person could be king/queen for 15 minutes.

    So what do you get here, in this forum, instead? Cries of woe, salesmen isn't profitable, gurus begging you to buy their indiors, newbies hoping to be legends week. . .LOL.

    You can actually trade if you would like to. It is not hard. It is 50-50.

    Oh, and currency management is an innovation of winners. Well, the money management you read about anyway. My version of money management is much can I risk, not much can I shed. Different, lol. My spending allows me to shed, on average, 57 pips before I lower my lot size. The most I can recall losing lately is 7 pips. This was because it moved to a consolidation and I only exited. After the consolidation finished, the market went the path of the trade, so I could have stuck it out. I didn't though. If the market does not take off as I called, I exit and wait until it does. It is 50-50. You do not have to ride it out, lol. The entry profited 26 pips. Hmm I dropped, but I profited. YepI average about 5 transactions each currency per day and shed 1 trade about every two days and generally have trades per currency per day. This is because the volatility stinks. Money is created by quantity of transactions and quantity risked, not by end loss position. The guys teaching you cease loss are the salesmen whose BOSSES trade other people's money, or maybe they do? . . .LOL. . .anyway, what the hell do they know about it???? I certainly did not find any one of them in Calculus, Analytical Geometry, or Quantitative Linear Analysis. I did see them cheating off me in Statistics however, since it was a course so they had to be there trying to not neglect. All you newbies ***** just how far have you studied to prepare? NONE? But, you want me to let you know what to do? LOL. Okay. Set to 4 Kelvin and spiral the neutron into 900 joules. Uh huh.

    Remember, I do not trade the actual news. I don't have any idea what the report will state. That is gambling with no edge. To compensate I utilize different traders who enjoy fundamental trading so I can have. Still, I am not in the market when the news is published. Technical trading, on the other hand, is a combo of trigonometry, linear regression, algebra, C programming, competence with excel spreadsheets, understanding of modes-means-medians, calculating slopes, drawing trend lines and pivot lines, and understanding probability of quantity trading. How prepared are you?

    The volatility (up and down motion ) of the markets has significantly reduced, so additionally you need to know how to risk more money when you plan to generate any. Listening to the salesmen and gurus (who know nothing about trading) isn't the route to profits.

    Sorry, if any of you are offended. It is what it is The market goes up, or the market goes down. Because I'm reading too much doom and gloom I had to make a comment advise from people who do not trade. That is a trader's forum? So, why are people providing comments from folks who do not trade? Or am I the sole trader here? Should you have the time to understand, rather than scam, you will enjoy your life and be dumb rich

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    No, attained a little progress then article. Now I trade on levels. All horizontal amounts on the charts. Price simply reacts to them. But sell expensive, buy cheap, that's core, I think.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello, Do not read beyond this, but if your still trading this way, then quite similar to mine. Random entry, near the ranges functions to, constantly take a position that is 2nd, don't really know when it'll return to the other hand. Look into Envelopes, it is possible to set by % your X pips up or down, loads easier to see where the range is.

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