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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This was great stuff to see... though it seems to mean I should no more drink a jar of chamagne after a winning trade... and convince my wife to stop beating the tar out of me every time I lose...

    Careful guys... your articles are going to make me start looking into pitchfork things, along with my plate really is full today... but you all are making it seem awfully tempting....
    you could always read about the new things without touch your trading system and if anything you feel you can make money with then include it on your system slowly

    for me today I read alot of articles and articles about Demark and it's lines so I purchased his 3 books from a week ago and prepare to see them another month

    it's very important to understand what's new coz there's a time that your system wont work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    thought I'd toss in my two pips.... I generally only trade the EUR/USD however my TA works on some other pair.
    Here is the degree of my tech analysis, I use momentum and fashion (all that other things like pattern recognition just puts my vertigo. . .LOL) using two MAs.... A 7 interval weighted and a 7 interval simple.... When the price crosses the MAs I'm prepared to trade in that way, the real crossing of the MAs is just a confirmation of direction, I also use the ATR for both TP and SL sizing, generally 1/2 ATR for SL and full ATR for TP. I generally close each trade at the end of the afternoon and open a new trade, or you can also move up you TP and SL to reflect what the new entry is, saves some spread that way. I also exchange the daily TF.
    Here is what my chart looks like....
    Good idea
    and also to make it more easy
    utilize 40 SMA only and Eliminate the ATR and use the % risk model
    give it a try and you'll see the meaning of simplicity

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good idea
    and to make it more easy
    use 40 SMA just and take out the ATR and use the % risk model
    give it a go and you will realize the meaning of simplicity
    I am unfamiliar with the % risk version, could you clarify for me?

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    Benssol my friend,

    How the hell did I miss this thread?

    Seeking to ch some sterling, seems like Asia din have much juice to offer you. How helpless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Benssol my friend,

    How the heck did I overlook this thread?

    Seeking to grab a few sterling, seems like Asia din have much juice to offer. How lame.
    Jest my friend, How are you?

    Final week I saw a post for you and notice your blog in the signature

    really fantastic blog
    you know, you are a kind who knew just how to read to the others or how to teach, actually
    that there are two kinds of readers:readers who read to themselves only and readers may read for themselves and to others too
    you are from the next type

    really very fantastic blog like your articles, I added it to my RSS feed reader and I am sure it will be famous like traderfeed and trademike should you upgrade it

    How are your trades?
    Hope you've been well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Nice trade

    But you got to admitit was not that the WW target;p

    I believe it might be the end of this huge B today. . .hold on, let me throw a chart.

    Didn't get a set up at 2.0830 final night regrettably and was conflicted as a result of GJ having climbed to my critical area I didn't dare just sell gt; 2.08 with a stop over .618 for end of B. Real pity, turns out it may very well be verified shortly (once prices goes under A).

    Seems A consisted of a helpless ABC which sort of pulled me off initially (C = .618 A).
    Perhaps it wasnt WW but it ends up great

    I liquidated all positions @ 800
    and shorted intraday @ 760 (about the takin of 123 in 30M TF) and closed @ 645 @ S1

    fine chart also
    among my brokers (MIG) see also the same goals together with you

    lets see how it can do

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