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    Hello all,

    I read with some amazement that we are utilizing this egy successfully! I dont know how it could work?

    Examine EUR/JPY on Friday. Imagine you went brief Euro / Long Yen on this pair at 165.60 then a SL 50 pips off could have closed you out at 166.10.

    The suggestion would be to reopen your place at 165.60 - Have I understood this correctly?

    The problem that I have is that this pair will return to 165.50- then back again utilizing this! This indies you're losing time and time again.

    Allowed there may be occasions when it works in your favour but in my experience this is not the situation.

    Can anyone provide a good example of this in use for a currency pair that has become successful?

    Due all

    BTW I m new to this forum so please dont fire off - I'm asking because I am interested in this particular technique.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Mr Green - Makes sense - Thank you for posting.

    I shall ask one last question

    If you follow the trend then taking a look at the chart I could make a case for moving long at these levels? Do you agree?

    I presume, and its my view I'm posting that its instances like this when you ve seen such a massive run, that you brief EUR and proceed long USD that isn't following the fad!

    Are you saying that I ll be receiving my fingers burnt using this technique and in the future going long EUR even though its moved so far so fast would be more profitable?

    PLEASE NOTE: I am sharing ideas and trying to learn from other people and trying to share my experiences!

    Moving long. . .yes

    At these levels you need to ALREADY be extended and monitoring your SL

    My most recent development -

    AH picked on 12-24 @ 4410
    Add on 12-27 @ around # of 4500
    failed to add @ 4600 on 12-28 (lean mkt @ vaion time frame) also scarry...

    Trailing SL to minus 50 pip from most recent pub, so
    About 12-28 @ available of 16GMT pub moved SL to 12GMT high of 14727-50=14677
    Soon got worried and tried to bond @4700 before closing into vaion weekend
    failed to get filled, so. . .will see

    A note on monitoring Stops. . .Can be hard and not too precise based upon your own trading periods. Most of us must sleep and SL may not always be 50pip, therefore fix SL accordingly while awake. . .but ALWAYS have something in place!



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ARe the markets available now? Normally I see reside ticks at 7PM London time on Sunday evening.

    Now its not moved and its own 8PM here.

    Sydney is 7AM so market participants must be in now?
    Check with your brokerage firm days prior to a holiday to find out what there working hours are for that holiday. If your queries is broker related, check with your broker before posting your question on this forum.

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