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Thread: Is losing a requirement to be successful?

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    If you dont loss you cant become a trader but it is determined by some other things

    some one must drop 4 times to find a good egy and another you have to

    loss 10 times but you must loss at least 1or 2

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    On the front end, yes. On the rear end, no.

    Losses serve to move us forward in our trading journey, provided they do not violate us traders first. Some folks are going to be happy with 60% wins and 40 percent losses. I am not. I believe it's possible (not easy and never likely for most) to exchange 100%. I am currently shooting 98% in my demo and simulator trading (Vhands). It wasn't that long ago I would not have believed I could achieve anything close to that.

    I voted NO, but it actually depends on where losses fit into your equation.

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    No matter definition, whether or not go bankrupt or loosing along the journey and having some funds left or even loosing and making profit, well I think ridding is a requirment to be successful because no matter this scenarios, it tends to set you on the ideal path, which makes you think quicker as an experienced trader to take appropriate decisions or even learn the better way of trading supplied at such times you're mentally and plogically fit.seeing lossess tends to make you identify mistakes you've made and will need to avoid in the future.
    Well,this is the way I see it associated with my lifestyle of gambling.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    However, wizzard, it may be carried out.

    If a person who has a 1 mil account, is trading 1 mini lot per transaction rather than exchange over 2 pairs at a time. I am certain that man doesn't have to shut a transaction when it's not in his favour. :
    Someone using a 1 million account would not trade with only 1 minilot for any number of factors. One being that they would expect a greater return than what one minilot could provide. How do you think that they got their first million anyhow?

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