Health is wealth in a traders life
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Thread: Health is wealth in a traders life

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    Hello Buddies

    Health is Actual wealth We need to be Healthy, fit and active throughout our life.Fitness is a lifestyle Which helps us to eat good,look better and active in our life.As a trader our life is Filled with victories and failures .The market Places us at a diffrent situations, emotions, feelings and Barriers Which everytrader has to cross to become sucessful.Some times we've Got a series of winners with good perfomence report and sometimes we have a series of losers with bad perfomence report
    when failure knocks us down a Lot of Us give up Quite soon Due to our emotion and fear,Being a successful trader is not a Simple task, The Plogical Assurance is the key to our success.To build the mental confidence you Want to be active and strong in both mind and body.So That is where fitness helps us,Being fit means not about a Fantastic Body it means being strong,Positive,active and healthy in both mind and body,After all fitness is a way of life.Some traders say They Don't have time to hitting the gym,Exercising for 1-2 hrs daily and lot of Explanations to avoid staying fit,Fitness doesn't means You've Got to workout in gym for 1-2 hrs daily, Just spend atleast 40 minutes of your life to your health, Do the excersises in park,beach or House which ever place you are feeling comfortable.I'm starting this thread for People Who feel fitness is necessary tool in the Life Span of a trader.Please share your Thoughts,workout plan, diet Plan,and most importantly how fitness helps you to stay motivated in life and carrier


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