How long to be profitable?
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Thread: How long to be profitable?

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    I am hosting a questionnaire about the number of months/years of equivalent work you have spent on trading in order to be profitable consistently. Free feel to vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This one has more talks and a polling.
    Okay the other one then.

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    It is likely to be profitable in 3 monthes, but to be profitable consistently it takes 1-2 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It's likely to become profitable in 3 monthes, but to be profitable constantly it takes 1-2 years.
    It's likely to become profitable immediately, but to be profitable always will vary significantly from person to person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The quantity of time it take for you to be consistent depends on the trading style you choose...

    And additionally:
    How Successful you are
    How patient
    and so forth...

    I spent nearly 1 year figuring out what design I wanted to exchange...
    another year also understand that I have to stick also the rules...

    like I tell my friends, it's like you reach a point where you understand how to loose weight but you still can't do it. .

    The line between failure and success is quite little in FX...

    I'm in my third year and are very profitable. It takes subject and many hours to become profitable. You understand what works for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It is likely to become profitable in 3 monthes, but to be profitable constantly it takes 1-2 years.
    I believe profitable should be defined as the number of years the trader has been profitable consistently i.e 5 years or 10 years.

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    I have been trading for 2 decades and still not closing several months with profit. But I am trying very hard and also have stabilized my account a little; I don't blow it up like I did before LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I've been trading for two decades and still not shutting many months with profit. But I am trying really hard and have stabilized my account a little; I don't dismiss it up like I did before LOL
    sorry mature. You're position trader at timeframe.
    I'm only a scalper of all 1MIN TF with 5-15mins prejudice. I demonstration for at least one year. But I only turn to reside account last week that is a fantastic week reunite for me.

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    The question should be: Just how long can it take you to be profitable? And the reply to this question is comparative.
    Thus, are you individually prepared to perform the things that are essential to be successful, consistent in gambling?
    Many individuals aren't. That is why success frees them from year to year. Trading is 90% mental. Consistency is 90% mental.
    If a trader is not consistent in his head, he will not be consistent in his trading.
    Do you find a consistent means to produce pips when you look over your chart? This is your edge, if you do. The simpler your advantage is, the better it is. A single moving average on a chart that provides for you a signal is far better than a complied mess i.e. just stating.

    Consistency is sticking to one egy...
    Consistency is ONLY taking trades when your egy show them available...
    Consistency is taking every transaction that your advantage (egy) reveals that is available...
    Consistency is consistently defining your risk on every transaction, and limiting your losses...
    Consistency is taking profits diligently...
    Consistency is tacky for as few currency pairs as possible... while maximizing the profits made from these pairs...
    Consistency is ignoring the noise... while adhering to your style...
    Consistency = subject
    Consistency = unwavering BELIEF in your edge (style of trading)
    Consistency is having a very simple methodology regarding the markets...
    Consistency = PROFITS!!

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    I think we can not determines the time to how long we can profitable because it's upto you how you can manage your transactions.

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