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Thread: Profitable hedging strategies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote It scared the shit out of me when I watched it is April 27 (moneyzilla's post), just to realize you responded to a year old article.
    I know. I realize I should have included a Waking the Frankenstein Warning...

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    Hi there guys, I love this thread! For me it is all about determining just how close would your 200% Dollar will probably be from the initial place you need to pay close attention to price action and avoid ranging markets a few pairs are very ideal like gbp and jpy crosses they tend to trend more than others. The philosopher's stone of trading to never shed or shut weekly in profit. . Well in case you have no family and or a day job because if you do you will lose them both while on it lets say you do not lets say you're a freak that's gonna stay awake for 24 hours when needed to watch it lets say you're capable of shutting your hedges and re-hedging on every price bounce straight back or holding for as long as it requires in order for your positions to maintain profit or even murdering your hedge when its still premature it is actually attainable men and it can work all of the time it is just soo hard and also the bodily exhaustion can be immense but it can be achieved if risk per transaction is kept under 25% or lower you might wind up making 25-50% a week that is every week you would have to sacrifice everything for it though it is the only way that it can be beaten. You are welcome

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    Hedging can be a profitable approach by several traders, but according to me it is the procedure to lost equity instead of hedging it could be better to shut the order. And practically large and by controlled trading brokers do not allow scalping too hedging.

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    Not bad for a hit and run I feel as long as you'd kill the trade on the losing account sooner or later and let your winner operate differently it wouldn't make sense it could work but at some point you would have to stop as the losing account would be blown up I'd prefer something that would do the job indefinitely forever and ever or until doomsday lol the abovementioned egy does function if risk per trade is reduced but then exhaustion comes into play and or incorrect judgement as far as not murdering your 2x hedge in time on breakouts etc.. But it sure might do the job

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    The article I really replied to has been removed my above reply goes to the scenario of having two accounts on differents brokerages and going long and brief on each at precisely the same time.

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    Various egic moves are adopted by the forex traders so that they can handle market situations effectively and be able to earn money after confronting all volatility and uncertainty. Hedging is considered as a risk management instrument where a trader takes both place on a currency pair that his risk arising from your price fluctuations will be zero. Personally, I look at that hedging is an aggressive risk management instrument so that I basically try to protect my wealth position via different pending orders like stop loss; path cease or take profit.

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