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Thread: High Probability Trade Setups

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    CAD/JPY hit the impending sell limit order this can be the start of

    a double shirt reaching 12/1 weekly high in the procedure therefore a probable

    move down somewhat should be expected

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    1 Attachment(S ) ) Why Gosh Golly Gee Whiz Aussie!!! Ya think you can go any lower??!!!

    Lol!!! Well I will be! Have ever seen all ever ??!!!

    All across the board that the Aussie is gone I mean it is dropping like mad!!!

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    This engulfing candle arriving has me wanting to liquidate all my positions

    such as the first sell limit that was triggered first earlier this week....

    The engulfing candle only so happened at 11/1 Monthly Close which

    means it is automatically near 12/1 Monthly Open, not mention

    there are also these amounts to gauge towards the analysis too, we have

    the 11/24 close, 11/17 weekly high and also the 96.50 round number....

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    These three Moving averages will be the 150,200,and 233

    using the 4 moving average with a 3 phase shift applied

    to it....Every time price touch with this long term station price

    it is bound to maneuver opposite if only for a slight move or to

    keep going on and therefore the sell trade that could be looked at

    and so what we have here in our hands my buddies would be the

    potential to bag some pips onto a high likelihood entry setup...

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