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Thread: High Probability Trade Setups

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    I thought I'd start this thread after discussions from another. The thread was called Rags to Riches. It basically outlines a Risk Presence system of 2:1. With this high R/R platform it's possible to increase a deposit of $50 to $50 000 using 9 winning trades. To have the ability to complete this though it's compulsory that the trades taken (as I mentioned earlier) needs a R/R of 2:1 (you may require a high leveraged account too ie 1:400). Quite simply the Take Profit has to be twice of what the Stop Loss is. (For full details see thread Rags to Riches at 10 or 20 trades - Simplicity at its best ) https://www.forexsoutheast.asia/fore...ng-trader.html

    As most seasoned traders know this type of trade setup is quite difficult to find, especially on a constant basis. That's where this thread comes into play. I guess if folks were serious in attaining the R/R scenario outlined in Rags to Riches afterward a discussion could be started (here) about exactly what a high likelihood trade looks like and how to trade it. I hope that folks (including myself) will post high probability trade setups so that they may be analysed and finally traded. For instance: In case pa is always difficult a weekly high (or low) and the 4 hour chart then 1 hour chart would be putting up to tipping point of a break out afterward that in my opinion could be a high likelihood trade setup. I'm sure we all have had those moments when we were looking in our charts and a setup pattern appears and hits us. That's what I'm speaking about.

    I think I want to stress here that unless you have a fantastic base in the FOREX market and are currently profitable on your trading it's ill advised that you waste both sources and the possible psychological energy to try these types of trades... but I'm not your mom. By all means follow along and try to understand from what folks have to say because that's the point of the thread.

    Concerning me. I'm still quite new to FOREX (approximately four years) and am still studying. I trade profitably in the basics. There is not anything flash my sleaves hard work. I hope to attract traders to the thread that have more experience than me so that I can learn from and improve my own abilities (and of course to generate some money along the way).

    So that is that. I'll stick it out there (my 1st ribbon ) and see how it goes.

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    NZD/USD looks like it isn't attempting to move anywhere just yet

    I've a market trade on believing maybe it'll fill it's weekly gap

    earlier this week is out I will be surprised if it does not happen

    today or tomorrow let's see shall we

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    I'm short on NZDUSD aswell since 0.8193

    sorry if I may seem newbish but what is this goal you're speaking about by weekly gap

    personaly I'm looking to get 0.8090

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm short on NZDUSD aswell because 0.8193 sorry if I might seem newbish but what is this target you are speaking about by weekly gap personaly I'm searching to get 0.8090
    In between .081514 and .081416 is a difference from friday close

    to sunday open. . I'm looking for the gap to get filled so price

    should at least head down to .081416 and maybe even to

    the level you are gauging...I don't like fridays so hopefully

    price makes it there today

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    did not expect the EUR/GBP to breakthrough all of that resistance

    but it did and now it's approaching it's 40 day average which

    should result in some selling of some type

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    USD/CHF producing new lows on the 4 hr....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    USD/CHF producing new highs on the 4 hr... picture
    yah simply commented on this in EU thread. UC is breaking up the 4hr/daily TL. The EU significance is performing similar that is confirmation of this trend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote yah just commented on this in EU thread. UC is breaking the 4hr/daily TL. Similar that is confirmation of this trend is being done by the EU significance.
    Yes it's very good to go....The EUR/GBP seems to be still approaching it is

    40 day average where I have the TP for my buy trade at .083882

    I have also my sell limit setup at .083887 hoping at least a slight

    type of a nice brief movement off of 11/24 weekly high that also still

    functions as a crucial resistance level to a certain degree... the 6 period MFI

    on the 4 hr chart which is the EUR/GBP's last 1 day of cash flow typical

    is currently sitting at the overbought zone and the 18 period MFI on the

    m30 chart which is EUR/GBP's last 9 hours of cash flow average is at

    the 50 level so enables watch how this profits...

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    sell limit hit the 40 day average as anticipated for the EUR/GBP up 20 pips and running

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    AUD/NZD and USD/CHF is still moving also....

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