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Thread: What the ^and*%% just happened?

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    There's nothing wrong with having a small account, its better to lose to a small on than a big one. Problems come when people screw hell out of a small account to attempt to earn a lot out of a bit, Im sure some claim they could do this but for most its a disaster.

    I wouldn't be happy either when I dropped my account, particularly this way. You may choose to change brokers.

    One more thing you can do is not put all your trading funds in your trading account.

    Say you alloe $500 for trading following time, just pay in $100-150. It will be based on just how much...
    Interesting, does anyone know how this works. They would clearly empty your account, but when such as the quoted price after slippage took you well beyond what you had capital for what could they do?

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    I glanced through a few of my customer arrangements, I cant find any plan that says they will take funds from your bank account should your account wind up in the negative.

    But they've all my bank details so that I guess they could in theory.

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    I Suppose if they empty your account then they'd be happy lol

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    That was my day in account trading and had put sell and s/l. lot size .5. Next day morning my account balance 1350 . .guess exactly what in next few days I lost identical quantity on same pair.what a pity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'd stop loss but, can I predict something similar to this later on?
    I'm just playing charts a bit and discovered that, USDCHF had enormous drops at about every 40 months. Coincidence?


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