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    Hi everybody

    We all read a lot about Forex and egies but just 10% individuals touching success. But how we can learn or know what these 10% individuals doing?
    Forex is a man warfare along with also a real time decision taking market. When we investing together with material printed on Forex it signifies we studying from individuals who gain. Few things might help but total we as lonely will need to walk on this course. Human Mentally power also involved and now a days automated method can also play large part in our results. So to go in discussion we can find in Forex large players are banks so how they acts and profits. If Banks involve it feasible all of banks gaining from this system?

    Banks works on Supply Demand as with holding money they don't have profit they really profits when exchange accordingly when they exchange? Obviously they appearing at Supply and Demand. Few different cases can effect else this plan like few nations important decisions which comes after years or months for example Swiss Bank decision, Brexit in these cases probably banks avoids.

    I added a system which 80% automated but foundation is demand and supply. The principle intent of this thread would be to learn if we can judge Supply and Demand I'm working on it and discovering some facts but picture isn't clear yet, I will share all after a conclusion but it'll be helpful to understand from your opinions.

    1. Major reality I found following 4 months trading that we can judge Supply and Demand using bigger picture 1 Day and Weekly chart playing significant function.
    2. If we aim 3% monthly growth mainly we gets easily so eventually it goes to 5% to 7%. (I took 27% DD so much see image below)
    3. When we looking Supply and Demand we must want to cut leverage to remain for long or when we need annual growth.

    What traders thinks on it? It'll be interesting with favorable discussion via remarks. Step by step I shall share.


    Here another account live result but it failed to synchronize entirely on forum so can be view through myfxbook
    An expert stated to me rare individuals can conduct winning for 3 quarters if it is then what's puzzle inside it (this account currently completed 4 months)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Really buddy. I have missed this discussion. I suppose the information is coming from the same source. I believe it is far better to listen is HOW we're trading and utilizing.
    Due Sevan. The way you identify weakness and strength is similar to the thread I included, just interested?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks Sevan. The way you identify weakness and strength is similar to the thread I, just curious?
    Right buddy but my strategy is a bit different as I pay attention to this strength only following opinion shift points rather than later than 1-2 weeks after it. The more sentiment stay unchanged the probability it will change a few hours once you start a trade. The same with trend. Better wait till chance or until the middle or to jump in the start. And I believe that opinion don't have only two values bullish and bearish. Imho it changes from bullish to bearish and rear easily.
    Of cource it is not a 100% winning guarantee as any other strategy but it will help to maximize our odds to make profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Would you discuss how you identify supply and demand zone/level right now (prior to your conclusion)? It maybe helpful for later discussions. Thanks.
    I'm attempting to exchange from past 28 Nov, I find few facts
    1. If pair already bear or bull for a specific interval mostly news don't effects why is banks don't responds and specific period in days like 7 to 30 days bear or bull
    2. Just 1 day chart helps to correct SL, but prior to going to correct any need to see weekly chart it will help occasionally
    3. When you looking Supply and Demand news can not play role only major news that comes in these cases and Swiss Frank Decision etc, after a lengthy distance such as Brexit, US Elections you can not exchange you can not judge Banks also.
    Largely successful traders don't depends upon day trading type their trades can run from 1 day to months.
    To play on Supply and Demand you must need to depend on lowest leverage commerce volume should be lowest against balance.
    The best way to judge Supply and Demand when price starts ringing in 1 day chart (way when Banks changed direction).

    These are my remarks after obtaining some experience but still I'm reading all peoples comments and seeking a few useful facts.

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