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Thread: The Ultimate Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) Thread

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    this thread is now dead. Fantastic bye.
    Still live

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    I started looking into GMMA when I watched that a variaion of it elsewhere. They aren't very helpful over there, and rather seem to be attempting to play a secret ninja master match with anyone who asks for info lol. For me personally is it isn't oriented toward short term trading, but, the issue with GMMA daryl Guppy on the other hand gives 6 methods for using the GMMA. In any case, tweaking MMAs outside for scalping is exciting to me personally because I'm already searching for what I understand to be momentum within my current type of trading. Generally I'm searching for one sort of...
    Multiple Moving Average l think is about pure price action however, the people not know how to use it correctly. L will work with multiple Moving Average to study the time buildup. I never see in my entire life a person which utilizes multiple mathematical facets to study the price you ought to be like a achieved or genius man.

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    Guppy makes it clear long and that you can exchange his strategy short term, however he has some distinctive criteria of items changed . He goes into detail of a list of items that need to be met prior to making a transaction. You can't take of work, bits and employ them. The separation, I thought this was about helping people and discussing.

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