Top and Bottom “Buy Lower and Sell Higher”
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Thread: Top and Bottom “Buy Lower and Sell Higher”

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    Hi ,
    Lets discussion about the topic Top and Bottom BUY LOWER and SELL HIGHER.

    1st we know that nobody understand where exactly the Top and the Bottom in this market, but believe that Top is the higher top of many high the price from the procedure uptrend rally in the specific period and the Bottom is consist from the numerous low that the price in the procedure down trend....

    And also the intriguing from this announcement is Buy Lower and Boost Higher....

    Let share your comment on this....

    For me just counted x-a-b-c (part of EW correction) and entry at the point c (buy or sell) and using Trend line to validate the inverse of price from lower to high or from high to lower and employing the station to indied the higher target....
    Which will recommended for many time period....

    This is your sample of GBPUSD M5 Time Frame
    simply entry sell at the point c...


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    SELL EU M1....


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello, SELL EU M1... picture cheers,
    Close EU waiting for another short

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    6 Structure (s) hi mike,
    only check this one,....

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    Hi ,


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    this is the AUDUSD M1 20pips

    M1 S/R area... keep watching....

    and keep watching....

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    Transfer SL at BE Now.... Just let the Price move on

    last updated AUDUSD M1

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    GBPUSD M5 S/R place SELL setup...

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