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Thread: Thinking Outside the Box!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ... you allow me in another pub, drinking by itself....
    Sorry got distracted by some fractals

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No, it doesn't. Having awakened and having removed the brainwashing only suggests that you'd have only 1 foot from the grave of the gone.
    See this occurs when folks see the matrix whilst smoking pot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote sorry got distracted by some fractals Picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote See this occurs when people see the matrix while smoking pot.
    ....Pot, where, when, who, at what time...

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    Aaand it down goes again, the thinking outside the box ribbon.

    Not feasible to construct a pool of techcical ideas without starting useless disussions about bla bla, right?

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    Three in 1 system. When candles leave cleanly type the box below/above the indior using Targets 16, take commerce. If late to the party. Wait off 1st target, then trade out of box out of pre-drawn retracement bounce exit.
    All have been stolen out of others when united....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Three in 1 system. When candles leave cleanly type the box below/above that the Half-Trand indior with Targets pre-drawn take trade. If late to the party. Wait for bounce off 1st goal, then trade out of box out of retracement bounce depart that is pre-drawn. We've been stolen out of others when combined... image
    So far so good
    Actually create that... 4 in 1 method. I forgot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There have to be some fantastic methods of making high likelihood high profit trades in the forex market which go contrary to the typical trader mindset. . . .find some weird patterns or entirely insane ideas work and we can determine why they work later.
    The market is a two-way, 2D creature. Not even 3D.
    Individuals complie it to xD where x gt;gt; two since they're obsessed with predicting the unpredictable, raw market using gt;2D stuff.
    For profits and losses are created within this 2D kingdom, we should not leave it;
    we must keep our focus inside regardless of how far beyond the box we would like to be,
    besides trading expenses, it is a zero sum game,
    so the most effective out-of-the-2D-box strategy needs to be: find the loser whose reason to lose gt;gt; trading expenses, and commerce the opposite.

    Is not easy to see them realtime? So just go ahead and create your own loser.
    Allow it to run on demo, watch it burn, commerce the opposite... that is it

    doing it for some time, can't imagine switching back to raw market trading.

    Hint: that the only constant in markets is change - exploit this (inherent) land to build the (predictable) failure

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    I recommend and advise anyone reading this STOP posting systems, or staring in your charts and making FALSE connections about the way the whose it indiors told the whats it mobober to create the market go up.

    I made a mistake quite a while ago posting a bunch of CRAP on this forum.

    This thread might be the ultimate CRAP of All of the CRAP. Everything I ever said in the past or provided as intellect is crap I was a noob idiot submitting CRAP

    Thinking beyond the box. . abstracting the markets. . Worse thing anyone ever did was present this sophistication. .

    The markets are simple, your trading ought to be simple

    The only thing I ever got from forum was fulfilling 2-3 successful people that I Skype with and they instructed me how to really succeed.

    MY MESSAGE TO YOU IS FIND THOSE PEOPLE. . Thats where your time and effort should go NOT staring in your chart making up CRAP

    Perhaps when I feel like it afterwards I will begin a new forum and offer something of actual value. . But quite frankly I really don't see much in it for me and I just can't believe some of the garbage I read let alone submitted

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    While I was away and only recently since my return that is abrupt, in response to the emails I have been getting over the past years.

    I want to say that no I am not in conscience of the thread, I am objecting the MAJORITY of threads. . I have seen tons of stupid stuff people suggest through the years.

    Now that Im a 6 years old and have expertise losing money and making money I can now see exactly what I did wrong and what I do properly trading... That is the reason for my prior post.

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