Real Grail in Money Management
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Thread: Real Grail in Money Management

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    Real Grail is in our own skill and practice. We have to set appropriate relationship between risk and our tangible chance of success.
    The table of shine shows us risk, max stop etc.. It is convenient for professionals.

    I am ready to answer your questions should you not mind.

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    Password for excel

    I've lost my password and email of Leader nickname. So that I become.

    But I do not lost the password of my
    Money Management Spreadsheet (view the very first Article here) Now you can view and change the spreadsheet
    password for excel
    Inserted Code pg3pnguxHj4oejm
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can you provide some explantion on how best to utilize it
    I provide the explantion
    I shall be writing the explantion post by article for 2 mohths or so. I should be glad if somebody could translate the articles into the language here.

    ... Or I utilize my poor English to provide you that explantion

    now you can renew quotes tick by tick
    through DDE of MetaTrader 4... if you cannot make changes to your excel I shall place here DDE for

    So that you can easily alter
    Inserted Code =QR|ASK!EURJPY into something like
    Inserted Code =MT4|ASK!EURJPY Utilize an example in your document DDE-Sample. xls from you MetaTrader 4 pack

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    it is spreadsheet here DDE to get
    if you want to earn the recorder work via DDE of MetaTrader 4 only change a couple lines
    Inserted Code =QR|ASK!EURJPY =gt;=gt;=gt; =MT4|ASK!EURJPY

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    it's spreadsheet here DDE to get
    if you want to make the spreadsheet work through DDE of MetaTrader 4 only change a couple lines
    Inserted Code =QR|ASK!EURJPY =gt;=gt;=gt; =MT4|ASK!EURJPY
    Thanks for directing me here prof!!

    See you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thanks for directing me prof!!

    See you!
    Thanks for your interest in the topic. The excel is useful for all, and very simple

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    I'm sorry but I have absolutely no idea on the best way to update through MT4...

    Another matter, it seems you haven't written the explanation in English however, am I right?

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    I use Omega Trade Station
    However, I know that one can simply update the Excel throw DDE of all Metatrader. You must alter lines on the list .

    And yes. I could barely translate Russian into English for appropriate working with the Excell. I am able to say you must control your leverage.

    I will Attempt to translate, but I cannot promise if the job should be done

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    Thanks Alot dude,I Enjoy it


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    I've thought of adding to transactions once in profit and have done so a few times but I believe TwoBlinks is a person on this forum that has worked out a mathamatical approach for this. He would need to describe what I write as I'm going from memory, but, I believe his diary talks about it a little and also in another thread he has writen in he was attempting to tell folks about it. (you'll have to find this one yourself)

    I believe his strategy allowed him to capture something like 600pips in a 100pip move because of adding to places.

    I hope he sees this thread and joins in. I could pm him and ask him to.

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    This is really cool stuff! Could not get the recorder to work with my Mt4 install so that I d/l QuoteRoom and got it hooked up and working using the spreadsheet attached a couple of posts ago.

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