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Thread: Should I attempt Elliot Wave?

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    One thing I always notice about EW. The trader will indie all the reasons why he's going short or long. . . .Then for a sideline they'll say that Elliot Wave theory also affirms the movement that is anticipated. LOL

    I don't dismiss it whatsoever. Some traders truly swear by it. I beleive it could work for a few.
    To me, it just looks like an issue of attempting to push shit up hill as soon as other techniques make it simpler.

    I did an online course years back over many weeks. It just didn't work for me whatsoever. ....Again, I'm sure it satisfies some people over others.

    That said. Some day I attempt it again. Since learning much more besides.

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    USC I think I was answering your question. However, these are my results for under two months I use to do a editorial. No system is a 100% but for me EWT is very accurate. Heres my results for under two months of what I might place every 19, along with an example. Since that time I have gotten improved or enhanced my system by adding a time aspect along with fib pivots and channels. Not that its need but it helps with regard to entrance and leave without leaving any pips on the table.These results were from 9 11 06 to 11 1 06

    Originally Posted by

    lt;HR style=COLOR: #d1d1e1 SIZE=1gt;

    lt;! -- / icon and name -lt;! -- message -A LOOK AT THIS WEEK

    USDCAD closed today this transaction was opened possibly mid week in 1.1345 into 1.1263 today. I got off until NFP to get tp of 50 pips

    AUDUSD opened this week 7690 to get a brief position. This pair moved as high as 7767 for weekly. My first stop was 7750 however I extended because of USD news. Stop never got hit but I did take a small reduction of 5 pips on the pair.

    FiXmE1ToO Center Pointe is 3 and 3 so much since since launch. Lets see how it does.
    10-25-06 50 pips
    10-26-06 50 pips
    10-27-06 50 pips
    10-31-06 -50 pips NFPweek
    11-1-06 -50 pips NFP
    11-2-06 - 50 pips NFP
    Does anyone have suggestions for other pairs to trade That'll have good ATR and not costly to trade?

    Totals todate since 9-11-06
    1051 since 9-11-06


    USDCAD can go up a while, I will have to watch may go a little higher to before making its way down to 1.1085. I need to evaluate this pair a little more this weekend I feel like I am getting mixed signals on this particular pair. Will update later.

    USDJPY I think we will go up to involving 118.77 and midsize 199.00's. We've completed a huge B wave on this pair once we create it to then we ought to begin the C wave down for big profits. This is precisely the identical thing thats I think is occurring with USDCAD

    AUDUSD Lets wait to see if an A wave form about the 4hour chart when it does we allow B wave complete subsequently ch the C wave down will post amounts later in week following an A wave forms. However, from the looks of things we are forming an A wave that may visit .7600-.7550 lets until it reveals its hand, stay from this one. This was posted from last week. By indiors that I utilize on determining which direction a pair should proceed. I used the same on this pair. This just goes to show anything can occur when trading but that shows how valuable it is to understand EW theory. You see, by understanding and knowing EW theory entrance points can not be only determined by you but also greatest exit points when in transaction. I was close to being 80 pips down in this pair. My saving grace has been knowing we could not go much higher in this pair predicated on getting close to 80 and being pass intense fib amounts. This enabled me to depart this transaction for 5 pip reduction instead of 80 pip loss. I will post some EW theory this weekend and I have an EW theory e-book I can email. I havent read the book but from looking at the pictures, it seems like it can describe waves really well. Just IM me with address and I will send book.

    EURUSD Well with this pair, it did exactly as called missing my called entrance point of 1.2800 by 1 pip. Since hitting the 1.2799 mark this pair has dropped 120 pips into a low of 1.2679 for the week and shut to 1.2716 for the day. The prediction for it to drop from 1.2800 was created mid week following this pair eventually decided to show its hand. The market moved slow at carefully this week because of so much USD news that has been due to come out, otherwise tp marks would have been hit some pairs.
    TP on this pair to get the week ought to be a modest 1.2551 by EW RULE. If this pair decides to form a Complex wave this pair will go down to 1.2344 however tp for now ought to be 1.2551 SL could be at 1.2850. After we complete this tide LOOK OUT FOR BIG PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As we trade wave C up.

    And THE GOOD OLE GBPUSD I think hit its stage early this week and a few. Would you guys agree?? This bad boy showed off to us LOL. I hope somebody made some cash on this particular pair. I dont trade wave 1 because they are the waves without a end stage that is legitimate all you understand is it is supposed to overshadow the preceding tide but you also dont know how much but that doesn't necessarily occur. Now GBPUSD ought to go down to involving 1.8748 and 1.8644. 1.8644 is the intense fib that we know is more like the GBPUSD fib lol. This pair is just plain ole greedy. Would'nt you agree? This pair will hit it's intense fibs times than not. After we get here PLEASE HAVE SOME MONEY FREE TO GET IN ON THE RIDE UP ON THIS PAIR. This pair is literally going to the moon with that point. I gotta tell ya as my New York co-worker would say.

    I really hope you guys made out good this week. This was a week although I faired ok. My rule isn't to trade in a week with this much news especially big news but wanted to determine how our system would do. Did'nt do.

    Oh and one more thing before I forget, Center stage had a piss bad week with now wins. Lets keep this in our MIND'S EYE DON'T Utilize CENTER POINT IN NFP WEEK OR Once We ARE ABOUT TO REVERSE ON TREND.

    Hope everyone have a very wonderful weekend and lets make some money a week and also have fun doing it.
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    Your performance is so easy going 50 -50 50 -50. Is that your tp and sl 50 and can you stick that well or is this all theoretical(demonstration )?

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    This wasn't EWT It was system I use depending on the middle point for the day. H L/two trade though to scalp if thats what you are into, but it wasn't successful good for duration trades.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    your performance is really easy going 50 -50 50 -50. Is that your tp and sl 50 and can you stick that well or is that theoretical(demo)?

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    By the way look at where the CABLE and EURO had been trading. That was 11-01-06 trading at the high 8800's therefore was that the EURO trading low out there to now. Need I say anymore and This was EWT. NOTHING ELSE. The move for all the following year will BE SHORT ON THE CABLE OVERALL

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    You should read Alexander Elder'Trading for a living'.

    Inside there's a part that clarifies past'professionals' who brought new techniques in trading. The matter is, it worked because the market fits that specific method. When the market changes, these'gurus' of dissapear. I remember one of these forgotten'genius' was Elliott. So yea, it's moot and was a one struck wonder.FILE_0_EXTENSIONing else

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    Hey USC,

    If it ain' broke, do not fix it! Having said this, learn something about EW. I'm not suggesting you turn into an EW specialist, but gaining a general understanding can be helpful.

    Not everybody can be a doctor, pilot, or elliotition. Various things click with people. It could be helpful for you, it might not, but you won't know until you try.

    PersonallyI invested a lot of time w/ it and didn't have much success before I backed off EW and introduced other things. It is still used by me . I'm glad I put the time into it.

    Kind regards.

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    I can concur with that last article just dont go too mad basing every decision. Just because you're not a clock maker doesn't mean that you cant read the exact time. Discover get boggled its useless intricacies in all.

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    Proceed into elliot wave threads (there are several one just started on the euro) and track what they say and what actually occurs. Itme on low risk high reward trading utilizes it see what his results are. I'm lerning increasingly more about price action supports points and fibs.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I will agree with that last post just dont go too mad basing every decision on it. Does not mean that you cant read the time, because you aren't a clock manufacturer. Discover how to read time when it comes to EW, but dont get boggled in all its unworthy intricacies.

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    For me this is a no brainer... Should you take the time to find out something new is the real question. Not just in case you learn EW. I have studied EW and it's facinating. Does this work? Beats me, but I'm glad I took the time to learn. I certainly am no expert. It is the correct choice If it comes to increasing the eduion of one. Knowledge is what powers human endeavor. Even when I learn something that I see no practical use for, it was definitely worth the effort.

    Even some of this total crap I have paid for and heard, proven to provide me the seed of ideas to get items that were truly valuable to me. You never know where inspiration will probably require residence. So should you find out EW?
    Hell yes, how will you, yourself make an informed decision as to whether or not you can make use of it?

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I feel that I am at a Critical stage in studying Forex right today. I think that with a few novels and 6-12 months more trading that is live, I could confidently step into the world of time trading. However, Elliot wave is appealing to me. Should I attempt to learn it? It looks like I could devote the time required to learn it (decades, I hear) since I am a college student. But on the other hand I believe that I might be profitable with no. Also, the novels mentioned above are and, if any person is wondering.


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