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Thread: My technic with fibo

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    Given that you've got such a powerful egy why dont you give some more examples that clearly detail the best way to trade. It is somewhat hard to completely understand your strategy on the basis of what has been submitted.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, from Steve Nison

    Is an ebook

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    What about money management?

    What are your stop losses set at once you enter a trade (how can you determine them)?

    Do you use a trailing stop?

    Imagine if the market reverses on you? Forexample, you find a bullish candle rod look, and it swings bearish again.

    How can you confirm that the market is on its way into an expansion?


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    Volvo264... you can see, how I exchange on this technic in pic below.
    tomhen. . .yes this is an ebook.
    vder. . .my money management is only use 2.5% from my total equity.
    I use trailing stop. But I always made 2 open position using SL and goal that was distinct. When No.1 posisiton hit goal 1, I will move SL no.2 position to BEP /1pips, depends the activity buy or sell. So I will not exit too early and lose pips if they reverses on me.
    I use swing high and low for prevent loss depends the activity buy or sell.
    Like I say, I use easy 123 to confirm market direction.
    U need to practice a lot to define where is appropriate candle and incorrect candle. Just do it, dont think. Practice can minimize action that is false.

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    Thank you for the reply! I would love to know how do you know which way the direction is heading. I meanyou can be plotting a fib extension to get an uptrend in a major downtrend that might not reach its extension. The swing high and swing low you choose might be a part of a bigger swing heading in the opposite way.

    Together with you SL above/below the most recent swing high/low, approximately how much on average are you risking?

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    I cant answer it . . .my english is so bad... I am confuse to explaine it...

    However, You may see my jurnal commerce in
    perhaps you can not understand the languange, but you can see the picture how I exchange with fibo and candlestick...

    I obtained 864 pips last month for this

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    Thank You I like Price action and Candlesticks. I look forward to more info and updates.

    Also, Do u only trade at 50% retracement on fibo. If Candle patterns state SELL but you aren't in any major fib level do u stay from trade.

    Thanks in advance, PIPBird

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    soory I cant answer it in english. . .my english is so bad... I'm pressured to explaine it...

    BUT you may see my jurnal trade in
    perhaps you can not understand the languange, but you can see the picture how I trade with fibo and candlestick...

    I obtained 864 pips last month with this
    Could you post the Fibo indior u use with placing please

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    First of all thanks a lot for sharing.

    I have a couple questions though about your graphing egy using fibo levels Here them are:
    - I can't see in any of the graph that's that the fibo initial move and which is your retracement, understanding that AFTER the retracement follows the extension in the direction of the chief move.
    Out of the pics I can only deduct ( from the method by which in which the extension is heading) which is the first move on which all of the later calculations are based.

    Yes, I knowthat in order to envision the whole movement will produce the entry point even smaller in the pic, but you could always try to post the general, bigger image first and alongside it that the smaller one with all the entrance and explaining arrows you have there.

    Then in the picture posten in your own personal site forum, surprise surprise, entry point isn't at 50 percent but at next fibo, 76,8% How do you describe that entry? If you would entry as normal at 50 would probably hit SL order.

    Thanks, Cristian

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    @PIPBird and 3cent
    50 percent is perfect set up for 123 egy, but you must know that there is three golden ratio variety here, 38.2 - 50 - 61.8. When price fail to break and shut at above or under among golden ratio number then this might be our sign. For understand the move for 123 installation is that must see chart . If in D1 is UPtrend then we'll find BUY sign at smaller TF (H4 - H1 or even M15 ) and vice versa. To utilize fibonacci you must practice a lot to find the point of swing high and low. I have 1,5 years training to discover the point. And I get point that is incorrect. But more practice can diminish or minimize our error.

    well sometime price not stick to the rule. That because Currency Market is dinamic. I shed 300pips, but 300pips is nothing, cause I can cover it with 20pips win.

    you can use fibo indikator in MT4 platform. I use standart tool, and draw it manual, never change it.

    For everybody. . .thanks for the question...I hope I can clarify it with apparent

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