My technic with fibo
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Thread: My technic with fibo

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    1 Attachment(s) Hi Buddy, My nickname is .lt;? Xml:namespace prefix = o ns = urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office /gt;lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    First I have to sorry cause english is not my main language. So there is must be some phrase cannot;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    After a few years use this technic, I want to share my traditional methode with you;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    Well this is not new thing for youpersonally, but I think you have to know about it. . Lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    My technic is easy 123 using fibo and candle pattern (no more indior). Lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    So lets learn about my Methode. Lt;ogt;lt;/ogt; Locate swing high and swing;ogt;lt;/ogt; tug fibonacci retracement, use swing high and swing;ogt;lt;/ogt; Locate Spinning Tops candle at 50% arealt;ogt;lt;/ogt; Locate confirmation candle then (BULL or BEAR)lt;ogt;lt;/ogt; Make PRICE PROJECTION with fibonacci growth. Utilize Swing Low and Swing High. First PRICE PROJECTION at FE 100 and Secondly PRICE PROJECTION at FE 161.8lt;ogt;lt;/ogt; Require action After validate candle (BUY or SELL)lt;ogt;lt;/ogt; Just that;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    3 thing that you need to remember as your rule to;ogt;lt;/ogt; Do not trade if not find reversal;ogt;lt;/ogt; Open 2 commerce using same SL and distinct;ogt;lt;/ogt; If one place hit TP then proceed SL another person to BEP or- 10 pips (depends upon the activity...BUY or SELL) if BUY proceed SL to BEP 10, if SELL move SELL to BEP-10. And wait until TP2 is;ogt;lt I am able to use this trade methode with almost any time frame and any fad (sideway or strongtrend). Bigger TF Bigger TP Bigger Risk. Smaller TF TP smaller Risk. Lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;


    For example it is possible to see it in film;ogt;lt;/ogt;



    Ok that's all buddy. Thanks for your;ogt;lt;/ogt;

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    this when I commerce last night

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    Kenshi, what do you exchange - the 1hr or chart?

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    Like I stated before, that I can use this technic with almost any TF. I'll trade, If I discovered reversal candle in 50 percent retracement. Otherwise don't trade. I often use H1 and H4, but sometime in M15.

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    This one when get a big fish last month

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    I recall I was in this transaction, but exit too Early!

    Nice Thread

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    What I have mentioned before, which I made 2 open position with TP that was distinct and SL. So after TP no1 hit, I will await the TP. So I'm not exit to ancient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    what we have stated before, that I always made 2 open position using same SL and different TP. So after TP no1 hit, I will wait for the second TP. So I am not exit to ancient.

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    Hello kenshi,

    that's the best Novel you have come across so far that explains clearly how you utilize the fibonacci indior.



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    Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, from Steve Nison

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