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    I have to agree with phil within this conversation - automation and discretion are different in just one major aspect: discretion involves decisions that can't be programmed due to their relationship to market conditions. If this app needs it has inputs, the comments made above are describing a bad program. A thorough algorithm can simply select what to do and understand changes in volatility..etc very readily. All the time I hear about this EA that selects EAs as if it's some sort of miracle - having one big EA is computationally equal to hundreds of little ones. That is not the problem if you have proficient programmers or it should not be.

    The issue is that human traders themselves are not very convincing. Making probability statements concerning the market is hard, and that's why not many people are rich on currencies. If you try to sit down and develop something concerning the market, you will not do it. Additionally, the way you gauge market activity is very visual i.e traders use the chart and also the background real-world understanding when looking at the last couple of bars. Visual activity like this is extremely fast in human beings while relatively slow in machines since you need to mathematically define what your eyes are seeing to achieve exactly the same effect - have the same accessibility to market conditions which you do.

    You'll understand what I mean if you choose a very simple chart with dots on it: the human can pick a dot and instantly see ones the closest dot to it, whereas the machine needs to iterate through the points and compute *allthe distances between the dots to eventually tell you which one is closest. They are not exactly the same algorithm.

    I personally would never put money on a programmed system unless it is
    a)Entirely independent of me(that is the entire point after all)
    b)Logically shown to operate.

    Obviously, I have never seen one. The AI chart students we discussed earlier on this thread would serve as an indior/alert sort of item.
    I agree with highlighted parts of your post and almost everything else you mentioned. I believe and automated trading platform has to be dependent on points of a system rather than weak points of it. Instead of focusing on analyzing the visual components of a chart you can concentrate on other factors. For instance a machine can manage trades that are open at the same time. This simply gives us the power to exchange on currency pairs and disperse the risk among them.

    We also know that qualitative analysis is extremely difficult without the help of the computers. There is value in this approach and the system may benefit from it.

    I've spent the previous 15 months on developing automated trading platform. I can guarantee you that there are profitable automated systems which can conquer the majority of all Forex traders. They are not limited to me. There are traders that use their own automated systems to trade. I strongly believe that the majority of the trades will be run by robots rather than human being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Very very good point philmcgrew, I am walking illustration of what late nights and middle of the night wake-ups to put positions could do to your body. After I switched to fx due to being down beneath, the outcome, I did so for over two decades? Getting so run-down, tired and tired my trading endured, and in the end, my health, getting cancer in 30 (maybe not the only reason of course). If ever I needed a wake-up call that display sitting day and night was not the best way to do this was it, and my pursuit for auto trading (or my soultraders variation of it ) was ignited once again.

    Oh as well as the ideas on backtesting, bang , total waste of time unless you're completely auto trading, how can you back evaluation background with current day bias? I do very superficial testing at better to gain market knowledge and fundamentals, apply a dash of logic, a sprinkly of innovation and a great coating of fortune (challenging ingredient to find) and then just grip and proceed.
    Are you serious about the cancer thing. If yes, I am really sorry to hear this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Are you really serious about the cancer thing. If so, I am very sorry to hear that.
    Hey, yes I'm serious, many traders will recall I had been quite busy around these parts for some time before falling of the face of the planet for some time, that was the reason, well part of the reason, but this forum area has attracted me back (well done Merlin).

    I will not enter the whole cure your body like a temple matter , as it is not the location, but it is a driving force behind why I enjoy automatic trading so it is why I put it up here. Tests of some type are all thrown, mine came but it is.

    So commerce difficult, sleep well and do not sweat the small things, ill now let this thread get back on subject

    Thanks for the kind words and concern

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    . . .My thoughts words into the Divine are together with you in mind...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey, yes I'm serious, most traders will remember I had been quite active around these parts for some time prior to dropping of the face of the planet for a while, which was the reason, well part of why, but this forum area has brought me back (well achieved Merlin).

    I won't enter the whole treat your body like a temple matter , since it's not the place, but it's a driving force behind why I like automatic trading so it is why I put it up here. Evaluations of some type are all thrown, mine arrived first but it is.

    So trade hard, sleep well and don't sweat the small things, sick now let this thread get back on topic

    Thanks for the kind words and concern
    I wish you joy and wellness all the time.

    I quite agree with you about the automated trading and partial relief of thoughts. I become nervous since I began automated trading.

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    Great to see you back on the forum Akuma and that I wish you health that is continuing. It has to have been a dreadful time for both your loved ones and you.

    I have recently completed a due diligence project to get a trading buddy on the new FXCM auto trader platform.
    While I've never been a lover of autotrading,robots,blackbox,ea's,signals etc it was an eduional experience and a bit of an eye opener for me.

    There were a few problems to begin with as I think that the platform was quite new and had only been running a few weeks. They were valuable, After I got on to the right individuals at FXCM and the platform was soon running . Eight weeks it has now been operating and there haven't been any problems.

    I'm impressed with it.
    I'm a system trader and so need to abide by the system rules rather than miss transactions. One of the systems I exchange relies on a 4 hrly chart and there are often adjustments to make within the 4 hrly period. Therefore it means being hrs, watching charts and having alarms set up at nighttime and being more disciplined. :
    So to have the ability to exchange this particular system on the fxcm auto platform is in fact extremely liberating.

    For most investors that the challenging part will be trying to decide which method to exchange and then having the power of discipline to stick to that system in periods of loss and drawdowns. I just can not see any difficulties with trading in this 34, if you know which system to choose and do a bit of research or even have your own system set on the listing then.

    This isn't going to be for everybody but I just thought I'd let you all know of my expertise.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So commerce hard, sleep well and don't sweat the small things
    I think you touched one of those big keys in lifeto keep matters in perspective, to be able to look at the major perspective of matters and to not sweat the small things. It's wonderful how we human beings have a tendency to let those little things ruin an circumstance that is fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I think you just touched one of those big keys in life: to keep matters in perspective, to have the ability to look at the major outlook of items and to not sweat the little things. It is amazing how we human beings tend to let those things that are sour destroy an overall good situation.
    Aint that the fact, unfortunately most people palangis (Tongan term for westerners) have matters all back ahead. What is true in life, is in trading as 12, accurate.

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    I hope we find more input from our professional traders.

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