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Thread: Trading the NFP this friday

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    You are asking why,up or down?

    I feel every one of you're just a small retail trader,not a market maker,therefore....Just follow market makers.Do not stay in the dream that you are smarter than the market,otherwise you will end up with a broken neck.


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    This may be very helpful to you.

    US D ollar
    As we stated yesterday, Friday's economic indiors would evaluate whether volatility had actually returned into the FX market. For those looking for trading opportunities in a more active market, the outcomes didn't disappoint. A consistently top ranked market-moving indior, today's NFPs built pressure supporting the dollar; but the initial reaction was muddled. Payrolls through the month of November climbed and much above the previous month's read. This headline number, on the other hand, was tainted by a revision in the figure of October from 92,000 to 79,000. What is more, in comparison that was a modest improvement. The mixed sentiment was current in the statistics of this labor report. Average hourly earnings for the month rebounded into a 4.2 percent annual rate of growth, while the jobless rate countered by stepping around 4.5 percent. Taking a look in the employment amounts the offsetting sentiment has been seen. From all angles, the labor amounts could have been regarded as the typical print. These amounts were not taken in isolation; also it was the comparison drawn against dollar pessimism that helped sow the seeds of a rally. With fears over the economy heading for a hard landing bent across the dollar, the employment and wage amounts of today helped alleviate the strain while deflecting expectations for a Fed rate cut by the first quarter of 2007. With this underlying optimism lying in wait was a cause. Input Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson who pioneered the rally when he offered his view that today's employment numbers were'good news' and supplied evidence economic expansion headed toward sustainable levels. On these remarks the dollar entered a steep rally against most of its major pairs which quantified over 100 points.

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    With regards to motives, I am searching for article analysis. While the transaction is going on...I dont necessarily have to understand why its moving in a certain direction because I am getting an concept of that. The NFP came in better than usual and the USD gained worth. I don't understand why it rebounded. Knowing the market will make me more agile and adept in determining which way to exchange.

    I haven't had the chance to study price action right now so I need to gain information however I can. I am interested as to why the market responded how it did. While its moving I can attempt to go with the flow but I need to know from my errors. Thats why I want to do some post analysis. I have not seen this market spike 3 times . I want to understand what things to keep an eye out for when the market begins acting.


    btw. . .what time frame to exchange off of if trading the news?


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    Is that trade the news. In this circumstance you found it useful is it fairly enlightening for you?
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    Actually TTn gave a clue it was going to happen about an hour before NFP.


    I caught the increase and then I grabbed the fall.

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    Yes it really is. The audio is what I find very useful. It isn't that they state buy or market. It's more like they provide pieces of advice about what the news is that effects those decisions. Where trading experience comes in to play, then that is. I've another news feed that I get from my broker, which is good for the text, but nothing like the audio in TTN. I do not know if it would be worth it for you. It is dependent upon your level of trading and whether you rely on news to creates trades. .

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is that trade the news. In this circumstance you found it useful is it pretty informative for youpersonally?

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    hope everyone did well on friday! I def did. . .fxsol C.A.R button helped me out lots!! I managed to undo my brief at 13249 and undo that again.FILE_1_EXTENSION

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