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Thread: Purchases you have made to help you trade:

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    I have got to write me a trading novel

    I'm beginning to understand, each trader reads trading publications!

    I have never in my life read a trading/investment publiion.

    Got to strike Borders this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    an acoustic guitar
    Brand please?

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    A pen and a ruler (from the first days, printing out a chart and doing'it' by hand helped me see a few things that were'hidden' on a PC screen) Brain Rules by John Medina that a not-so-cheap USB flash drive for backup copies of the essentials (everything from charts pdfs to Safari )

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    A computer, an oversize display monitor, a portable hard drive, an office desk, an ergonomic (allegedly ) office chair, a filing cabinet, a calculator, a protractor, a ruler

    I will post more when I think about more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Brand please?
    I dont actually know man it was the cheapest one in the shop but it still seems pleasant - just something to party to help with the boredom - went to get my electric fixed and it was just an impulse buy

    Um... Its logo with the back the front S's sorta like: SZ (but the Z's an S) ho hum

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    A pen and a ruler (from the early days, printing out a chart and doing'it' by hand enabled me to see a few things that were'hidden' on a PC screen)
    Thats so cool - Wish it was still like this - You have to think we are a lot of spoilt brats!

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    seems so cool - Wish it was like this - You have to think we're a lot of spoilt brats!
    By early days, I supposed my early days. You appear to have gotten it wrong, I am not that old.... I am a spoiled brat just like you but last summer (which I consider my early days given my location on the learning curve through this time) I printed out a lot of charts because I had to share my PC with 5 or 4 individuals. That meant less screen time therefore the only option was to publish it out. I have a new PC but I print out charts. It does wonders for me some times.

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    Obtaining a new coffee maker, nothing fancy, $40 at Target, along with a Krups grinder, to grind the beans, which does a good job on flax seeds for example. Drinking powerful coffee that is insanely right now.

    Also, a Tyke quad-mount for tracks. And monitors - some 24 Sungs that is fine but also 2nd hand 20 inchers that you may find for $10 or less.

    Books, too many, however they will resell nicely on ebay. Sucker born every second, I have heard said...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thank you, Sir.

    What is a six zone mech clock?
    6 small non-digital clocks mounted in 1 part of mahogany.

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