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Thread: Purchases you have made to help you trade:

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    Nicotine Patches

    Next purchase Might Be a hypnotist - I Will Allow You to know

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    Contemplating investing in certain No DoZ - to substitute coffee
    These are marginally better and work extremely well when washed down using a 600ml can of Redbull


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    Let's not turn this into a review thread...
    Here's mine in no particular order:
    i knew it. U are a Bollinger man (based on 1 of your recent posts)

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    A six zone, mechanical clock. ...
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    6 little non-digital clocks mounted in 1 part of mahogany.
    I believed it was a single (hi-tech) clock. Hahah
    Amazing clock got there.

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    Like this, but mine is mahogany. One of those babies together with numerous screens makes it seem like we are doing , complied that is important work.

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    Got a new coffee maker, nothing fancy, $40 at Target, along with a Krups grinder, to grind the beans, which does a fantastic job on flax seeds such. Drinking insanely powerful coffee now.
    .... Also cheap 2nd hand.
    $10 20 monitors?
    I think that should read'$100', right?

    Incidentally, with a juicer coffee maker. . U are ready to exchange /or take on any tasks

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    Contemplating investing in some No DoZ - to substitute java
    ask for your juice recipes.
    A better replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    i knew it. U are a Bollinger guy (according to 1 of your current posts)
    Thanks for chiming in, SC.

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    Next buy might be a hypnotist - I'll let you know
    I smoked for about 15 years... along with a lot of other crap. Quit them all cold turkey. Do not let them psych you out... in case you can trade, you know you can quit cold, too. Keep in mind, exactly like trading, should you give in (shed ), just pick up where you left off and keep walking ahead.

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