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Thread: What if everybody trades ?

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    Somebody who REALLY wants dollars?
    If SOMEONE wishes to buy dollars, that means that NOT EVRERYBODY, wants to buy euros. Have another believe.

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    Obviously.. I'm talking about a really high number of individuals, not the whole world...

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If EVERYBODY wanted to BUY euros, that usually means that NOBODY wants to sell them. So, who would buy them from?Have a think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello Volks,
    there is a believe I dont know, maybe I believe there are some trading egies which realy works and that are not hard to do just by some limitorders, and understand let's believe everybody do so, if its hoe will go to work in future if they can make as much money at tradeing the markets, do you know what I mean, okay, not everybody find egies like that really works but should you find one that he can tell it to everybody and just how does the markets can be exists then if somethink like this will hepen, should everybody have a tradingegie and functions from home and the market states dont change, hoe will proceed work then what will happen, have anybody consider that and ideas, I my self dont understand so much from the markets but that is a believe that I constantly be thinking about????
    The massive demand for laborers to build all of the s' homes would make me need to go into contracting so I can take all of your money since nobody wishes to perform it, and it is so much demand. Id earn more money building houses for forex traders than trading forex with everyone else.

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    Opposite side of these deal problems aside... let's face it, it's a dog eat dog world. As soon as a lot of people collude to a trading egy someone smarter with more money will figure out the ideal time to choose the opposite side of the transaction... and knock ya'll out. I trade a few egies that are anti a number of the popular ones on here... they function pretty well.

    The most efficient way to exchange, theoretically speaking, would be to find some special stuff and never ever say anything about it to anybody. Take the money and run.

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    The retail market is barely considered everyone the retail market just makes up 5 percent of the daily turnover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Obviously.. I am referring to a VERY LARGE number of individuals, not the whole world...
    To me, EVERYBODY, isn't the same thing as a VERY LARGE number of people.The entire world doesn't trade on the fx market.

    I wish you the very best of luck with your trading.

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    Unless your broker is an ECN your cash is stuck in your retail broker's (read bucketshop) pocket and doesnt go near the actual counterparty market. Such retail traders dont influence the interbank, ie the true market at all.

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    Putto, retail traders do counter considerable exposure to the market by placing real orders in the market. Obviously they do this on a collective basis - not on individual transactions - but surely the better controlled ones are made to restrict their exposure if their general standing is skewed to one aspect of the market or the other.

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    Fantastic post but just remember the big fish will always eat the Bigger ones?Retial traders Won't Ever Have the Ability to see the big Image fully

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    sounds like a good idea. Even if we push 5-10 pips successfully everytime, that will be fantastic!!!
    People discuss earning 5 pips, 10 pips, 15 pips, 20 pips. Are these succesful traders in any way? Or maybe they're constant scalpers, then I would not have any say. Most significant, imagine the waves made by the yen pairs last week and many other instances, wave that could be as much as 150-400pips. All of this folks telling me that they are ok with this ridiculously low number of pips all the times, does this mean they cannot ch up with all these waves?
    To me its a nuisance discussing 5 pips, 10 pips, 15 pips AS MY EVERYDAY PHENOMENON, becuase what would these ones do to buid my account. I have many instances traded all of this waves earning 100-250pips though with small lot sizes in regard to my account dimensions. If I would need to have it part of me 5pips, 10 pips,15pips as my goal evryday, I am sorry its a nuisance when I know there could be long waves throughout this week.

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