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    Smittens4212. The issue is knowing when the market is fad or range. This is also subjective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Smittens4212. The problem is knowing when the market is trend or range. This is also subjective.
    I completely agree, but what in trading charts is subjective. If it were not, trading would be much simpler. The point is that if you understand what to search for, using a variety of indiors will help one visualise and make sense of what the market is doing, which subsequently can be utilized to find signals (if that is something ). If you think the market is ranging, stochastics can indie points of fatigue and utilized along with price action (or even independant of it) and also S/R levels to finetune decent range plays. Of course that completely depends upon if your belief that the market is ranging is accurate enough for your trade setup, but that remains true even without using an indior.

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    Its funny how folks with less than a year of transactions under their belt all of a sudden become educated on what works and what doesn't in trading.

    It really pisses me off nowadays when folks start saying indiors do not work, and they're lagging and also a derivative of price and whatnot and it should not be considered.

    Like someone else previously had said, its been trendy and hip to leap on the indior hating bandwagon.

    However, no one addresses the true reason why people fail - that is they do not understand what to search for. They can't distinguish between a high probability trade from a low probability trade, they do not have appropriate money management, they do not have the proper plogy. . Incidentally what's subjective, trading is subjective because there's so many ways people can look to take a specified movement in price, some ride momentum, some ride the reversalsothers breakouts, I suggest that the list will go on, hence there's no right or wrong. The only right or wrong is whether the methodology used in a specific circumstance of a transaction works or it doesnt?

    Someone here posted about understanding whether market is ranging or trending, and about using indiors for that. I mean that provides you no circumstance. You need to check at a market and know what tf or what price you need to trade , and how much you are looking to trade. Whats with regards to a 4 hr market, when you visit shorter timeframes, looks like lovely waves. Heck open up a 5sec chart and you will see fine tendencies all day long to ride. You need to understand what kind of trader you are, what are you wishing to trade and what sort of motion you are looking for. .

    Once I was able to first trade, hell I shot every MACD crossover around the 1 minute I could shoot, of course that did not work out too well but that doesn't mean MACD is crap and is lagging or whatever, I mean no indiors or anything else for that thing can let you know what price will do 1 sec from now, we're only working with probabilities and price history afterall. We are in the business of looking for patterns, if it be in price, indior levels, or history. . I don't understand why folks get so angry when they look at a stoch indi at oversold levels presuming price will come down and yet price continues to proceed on a 200 pip run and then go to hate stochs. .

    I mean guys look at things in context. Indiors, price action, fibs, what's used to tell a story. Some guys go on here and saying hello FIBS really are a self fulfilling prophecy. . FINE, WHO CARESI mean I have seen fibs about 1 sec charts and it is applicable, that doesn't mean someone blindly takes a trade at the 50 or 61.8 level. . I mean I am looking for a story here, if price repeatedly rejected at 61.8 level, heck to me says theres resistance there for whatever reason, I am gona play a bounce to that, thats the way I trade. Some folks will only trade the rest of this, sure, thats nice also, so theres no incorrect way, its only if a personality given the circumstance of the transaction works or it doesn't, and you just keep good tuning something which looks promising until it matches exactly right for you. . It takes a while and it takes decades, it ain't simple.

    So don't jump in these fads of Macd hating price action is king and all that crap, I mean they're tools. Some tools are good for specific jobs at a particular TIME... Just cuz you do not understand how to use a chainsaw which dont mean that the chainsaw is garbage. .

    So be smart, treat things seriously, know what something does and what's it telling you, and what does that mean concerning the current price environment. . Also ask yourself, what are you looking for? What do you like to see price do? What are you comfortable with? You will be amazed at how many people cant answer that. . All they care about is making pips, and leap from system to system and indior into indior and if those tell them a story they are not ready to hear and they begin losing pips they go on a system hatin indior hatin rampage. . So understand your self as a trader, understand what it is you are asking of the market, and this may sound simple, but it really isn't. It takes trading in a lot of different market sentiments and situations to know what one is comfortable with. . Once you understand what it is you are asking of the market to show you, you will learn what indior can give you that information, if any at all, and thats actually people get to create new indis. To give them the specific information THEY desire as their replies out of the market. They should not be used to predict, just think of it as yet another news feed describing whats going on from that standpoint, then you as a trader compiles all the data and make a determination whether its environment appropriate for a transaction or not. .

    Hope I have given some view, sorry for the long rant. . It merely gets fruin sometimes


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    Is it trendy to hate indiors? This thread seems to indicate otherwise.
    PS I never said I hate them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This is really a discussion concerning why indiors are totally unworthy.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Using price action is goal
    Okay, perhaps I owe you a little apology for being sarcastic on my last post. I did try to provide some helpful insight, for what it's worth, on the one previous to that. It's just that to view blanket statements, like the one's above, being made...

    Many excellent posts are made here so, thanks for the thread.

    Anyway good luck and see you later.

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    Fxsurfer. No worries, buddy. Want some good discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Could it be fashionable to hate indiors? This thread seems to indicate otherwise.
    PS I never said I hate them.
    Maybe HATE is a strong word, but the terms futile and lagging, insenuating ineffictive is quite pervasive. . Thus the motion for folks to go naked as though they have reached some enlightened state. .

    Not singling you out . .

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    Well Crap! I guess I will just go ahead and stop now since I trade exclusively by indiors.

    So what if they are slow. I am not interested in picking bottoms. Most of the time when you pick bottoms all you receive is smelly fingers.

    There are individuals who trade chart patterns and perform very well with it. Me, I can't find the rabbit rabbit in the clouds when everyone else can so chart patterns just don't work for me.

    I mean seriously, does it really matter how a person trades so long as they are putting cash in the Hip National Bank??

    Everyone should just pick whatever strategy suites their character. If you enjoy looking for patterns or with support and resistance or just a simple moving average cross so long as it works for youpersonally, trade it. The proof is at the profit.

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    By trading with stochastics 94948well I recall Spudfyre started out with 2k and turned that.

    You can find ppl who have made it with indiors and many others who have made it with no indiors.

    I Truly don't think they are useless

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    I would state without indiors I'm lost. To me indiors are similar to guide in the sea of price. They are not 100% accurate. You need to understand them and don't blindly follow them. Got to listen.

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