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Thread: outlook for price action

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    Is most of your price action According to Data 16 group

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is the majority of your price action based on data in the james 16 group
    Hi Tomhen,
    yes, it's based on which you could find on the public thread as well as the additional details on the private forum and a lot of my own view.

    I wouldn't hold the inadequate James16 folks responsible for my own blunders, but yes, James16s price action trading would be the foundation of the bar chart interpretation I'm attempting
    I just try to add an if-then-else component to the price levels and toggles that I think are like railroad buttons for price. This is basically taught in the forum.
    I highly recommend the public thread that anybody who wants an indior independent system ought to read.
    Basically anybody who wants to trade ought to read it, but you simply figure that out muuuuch afterwards after having drifted around blind for so long in my own case
    The private forum has added info and tutoring/guie that isn't in the general thread. You can read about it and also what the people inside are stating in the public PF niche thread section.

    Hope that this helps and my best regards to you,

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    Correction on the 6-10th November outlook

    Misnamed or rather misdated one bar on EJ

    Original: Weekly: weekly indicates that a bearish pin bar having an fine lengthy nose and slightly uneven eyes.

    Should read:
    Weekly: Week before last week indicates that a bearish trap pub with a fine long nose and somewhat uneven eyes, last week then was roughly rejected from the rising trendline and seems to get put in a sort of disfigured counter-pin.

    It seems that EJ is currently attempting to move over the aforementioned trendline resistance and is currently ticking away at 150.40s. Let us see whether it dares move beyond the previous high. Had lots of installations out of 4h and 1h btw.
    Note that 150.40 is about the height of the eye of this weekly snare, resistance and may mean todays high could rely as the ideal eye if we don't close above here.

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    Enjoying your analysis. I find it quite helpful to compare to my ideas for the week.

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    Was too tired and things did not feel right writing.
    Not up to standards, almost did not post this.

    Here it is anyhow.


    FXNotes as of 12th November, 2006.

    Weekly: Barely a bullish bar. Reach head on TL resistance.
    Daily: Basically a photo perfect trap bar.
    EURUSD might have overrallied and be in need for some brief term correction at the least.
    1.2820, 1.2780-85, 1.2750 regions of smaller support, 1.2720-1.2710 interim, 1.2680-90 pivotal.
    Watch for activity around 1.2750(1.2764 being last months near ) and 1.2680 as these are probably points of interest.
    This ancient on weakness can mean we're searching for more consolidation.
    Notice: Not quite happy about assuming a strong dollar following the election outcome and the entire deal smells fishy.
    However price dictates the truth and for now it's suggested at a descent, so that will be the perspective before 1.2900 is broken.

    Weekly: Bearish outside bar that didn't make it. Not really a bearish bar / close and open within bar that is prior.
    Daily: Bullish Doji/Pin without a body.
    Weekly appears to indicate we could not quite make the break under the major supporting trendlines and USDCHF is fighting to get back over them.
    As long as we remain above 1.2400 remain cautiously bullish along with all the EURUSD Dollar bullish outlook, but you should be ready to flip if prices move below last weeks low.
    Resistance at 1.2430-45, again at 1.2470, more at 1.2525, 1.2560-75 pivotal.
    Watch 1.2465 and 1.2525 if we get there.

    Weekly: Neutral/bad bearish pin/doji.
    Daily: Bullish pin, near the center between former support turned resistance and new high.
    Indecisive but standard management and short-term hints at stage higher.
    A breakdown under 1.5915 has a little support at 1.5900, more at 1.5850-60.
    Next is 1.5830, 1.5790 after that. Needs to remain over 1.5770 lest it risk being exposed to a move lower.
    If it can remain above 1.5935 it must remain bullish with levels in preceding notes still being in sight.

    Weekly: Bullish bar with open and close within prior bar but drops over it.
    Daily: Has not made it back low enough to be a bearish pin. Is back below high.
    As usual very erratic price action. BOE announcement resulted in a steep decline which then came back hard for 204 pips from the reduced and placed in a high at 1.9177.
    Although daily price has not shut back within pinbar ranges, 4h indicates this may still be the case however.
    If we move back over 1.9130 keep an eye near the high, if that is passed we could make a grab at 1.9250.
    Support at 1.9100, 1.9070, 1.9030, 1.9000. A reduction of 1.9000 can lead to 1.8940-60, if that goes we might observe a selloff into 1.8860-80, 1.8800 next support.

    Weekly: Bullish bar but weakened.
    Daily: Inside bar.
    EJ appears as open to ideas as other pairs. It shut and is holding over a resistance trendline turned support and this hints at attempts of basing and perhaps continuation greater.
    Reduction of 150.50 support and 150.05-25 should signify a return back to prior ranges, whereas if it remains above 150.60 and moves over 151.30 again it should be primed for an ascent up to 152.30 / 153.85.

    Weekly: Came down to almost just left eye lows of the bullish pin made the week earlier and bounced.
    Daily: Not quite a bullish pin.
    Moving from each week it might look as long as the 117.15 support holds that 116.55 shouldn't be recontested and things going higher again.
    However we would have to observe a clear rise above 118 for a near rather over 118.75 to regain faith in USDJPYs ascent again to get great.
    Otherwise we might consolidate further into a 117-118.50 range short term, 116.15-118.80 midterm.

    Weekly: Prior weeks bearish almost pin appears to get activated/broken, but only after an intense spike near the highs.
    Daily: Inside Bar.
    We might have observed a reactivation of an old trendline support, stopping this recent descent from the rather overheated high at 0.7767.
    We have had two pin pubs up there and descended 60 pips both times from the pin breaks.
    Maybe this synchronicity hints at a continuation greater after this correction. Have not quantified if we've got a bullish gartley/harmonic pattern, however, that might function.
    Either way, the interior bar indicates one should just straddle with stops into the opposite side and see what comes of it.
    Remember however that any shorts will be contested at 0.7630 support, 0.7590-0.7600 again.
    Resistance to the upside sits at 0.7695-0.7715, 0.7745 again and again eventually 0.7760-0.7767 high.
    Sticking it out can prove profitable to either side.

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    Thank You for the thoughts. Hope you are feeling better.

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    Hi Seeking the light,
    hope you feel better soon. Allow for the start of winter along with a waning moon!
    Best wishes
    p.s. I am concerned these unformed $ long hooks everywhere will turn out bad. Take care people

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    Enjoy the ensightful analysis. I'm new to a number of the terminology and was wondering what you ment in regards to Eur/Usd when you said hit head on descending TL resistence a photo perfect pin pub. Also I have attached a couple of eur/usd charts for daily as well as weekly. There appeared to be a correlation with weeks and days. See Daily

    Thanks Tom

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    Thank you Seeking for posting despite inconvenience Light. Hope you are feeling a lot better. Keep this up!

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