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Thread: Do YOU think EAs work (POLL)

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    I am a professional trader and economist.

    The expert advisors works for me really nice. I utilize a software for model a neural network and fuzzy logic to predict that the signal for LONG or SHORT then I wrote the code to MT4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I'm a professional trader and economist.

    The expert advisors works for me really nice. I use a software for version a neural network and fuzzy logic to predict the sign for LONG or SHORT and I wrote the code .
    F A N T A S T I C

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    They function? Ask Ed Seykota. Does market change? Ask some trend followers, who've been in this business for 30 decades and exchange tens of thousands of dollars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do they work? Ask Ed Seykota. Does market change? Ask some trend followers, who have been in this business for 30 decades and trade billions of dollars.
    The usefulness of usage NN is which that use the past and the NEW information for predict the signals. . So they're the recurrent topologies. .

    However, they ought to be retraining a while annually.

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    95036yes have ran ea's for years - even before mt4 in the older mt3 days. I have several and they work and keep doing so.

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    95036Here is one I have written and have been running since June.

    They definitely work, but they work better if the person running it knows how to program and how to make adjustments over time, to make it adapt as conditions change.

    The real key is the same as any profession. An individual must know their craft.

    A physician must know ne. A Lawyer must know law. A Scientist must know mathematics. A trader must know trading... It's really that simple and that complex. There aren't any short cuts.

    I think of it more as assisted trading, since the person who uses it know what it's doing, how it's making decisions and how to change the manner it decides to enter and exit a trade.
    They're automated in the sense that they'll trade whenever you are not around, but the method was programmed, hopefully by a trader that really know how to trade.

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    95036Some info that is nice here guys, thanks for sharing. Still @ about 50/50... what gives, I had been thinking the YES group could have crushed it by now. Goes to show you how keen my predictive qualities are... I guess that explains what happened to my account today

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    95036If EAs would have worked..why do we Believe UBS, JPmorgan, Goldman sacks..go with a guy with 10 Expertise in Forex than with a programmer who worked for microsoft, google for 5 years and Composed EAs for the Following 5 years

    These Men can write 1 million lines of code to Get an EA yet if you have EXPERIENCE they Accept you

    I wonder why

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Market conditions will change sooner or later, but there's no program nor software that's able to pick up that and make self-adjustment. Human brain functions are needed to come out with a new EA version. And the cycle persists.
    The Foreign Exchange market has experienced a profound shift. In previous decades, a trade imbalance or a interest rate change could move a currency price countless pips. Success in the Foreign Exchange market followed a traditional formula: Cut your losses short, but let your profits run. Traders took small losses but rode trends that were big for wins. A Foreign Exchange market rewarded breakout traders.

    Using that formula, professional traders were disciplined enough (or their black boxes were disciplined enough) to absorb several small losing trades, since their one, quite big win over made up for them. Employing a breakout trading system, only 30% of the trades needed to be winners, since the payoff on a breakout trade may be six times the amount of their losses. The risk/reward ratio and also the mathematical probabilities were in their favour.

    Lately, however, traders are hunting in vain for that sort of volatile breakout market. Forex is no longer a market in which the trader can exploit volatility. Volatility in the major currency pairs has dropped over 50% in the previous three decades. Too many traders--even professionals with years of experience--have been slow to adjust, and have paid the price. Accumulating a half-years value of small losses (by always being stopped out), they can't make up those losses, since the huge breakout they need is not there.

    Rather, in a market where the price moves within a support-resistance tube, it could be feasible for the trader to profit by overpowering one major losing trade with several small ones. The new math says that by investing in a range, 90 percent of those trades could be winners offsetting losing trades, and that a 200-pip loss can be more than offset by a collection of 30-pip wins, taken by harvesting tops and bottoms because the price oscillates within its price cycle. Great for an EA. No matter which way the currency price travels, its natural tendency is to move back and forth within defined price stations. The trader takes profits quickly, sets up ample 200-pip retains to prevent being stopped out, and waits for the price to retrace.

    IMO an EA expertly written can, and will, in the new market place, outperform traders that by human nature can be reluctant to trade in another style. Change is good. But executing it into FX trading can be difficult. It's not that some people have willpower and some do not. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not. An EA does not have feelings - . And she's profitable due to the gift here in forum and Mr F specifically. Have a great day everybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I voted yes because I think it works. Of course not in how you allow it to run for many years and let money due to course the market conditions are changing and then you need to accommodate your egy.
    The markets do not change over time, this is another myth!

    Markets go up, down or sideway, that is all they do, day after day, year after year.

    And this is exactly what they will ALWAYS do.

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