Do YOU think EAs work (POLL)
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Thread: Do YOU think EAs work (POLL)

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    This has probably been brought up before, but I was just curious and wanted to get an idea for where people's minds are in with this particular topic.


    Do EA's (or automated systems generally ) have the ability to become turned on, forgotten about, and make you a fortune in the procedure.

    A show of hands please, and the rationale behind it. I will start it off -

    NO, because if markets detract from their mathematical nature, they do so in such a manner that EA's (strictly mathematical in nature) get squashed. I am specifically speaking about EA's that place on single trades with a large lot load. I am not talking about having a Grid, or Martingale kind of EA in which you have $100K account... and you are buying Micro's. I am talking about the guy who puts in $500 to a live mini account, needs to leave his computer on all day while he is in his 9 to 5, and come home to a 3% equity increase on his account balance.... You understand the normal FF newbie

    Ok... now lets get a few numbers on the board.


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    I have testet at least 100 EA's but never seen one that works for the long run. . So, from expertise I'd say they assist shooting desicions but they could never substitute discretionary trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I've testet at 100 EA's but not found one that works for the future. . So, out of expertise I would say that they assist shooting desicions but they could not substitute optional trading.

    I Believe that is the whole point. It is not that you simply have not found a good one, they simply can't do what most consumers would like them to perform... and that would be to construct their retirement fund for them.

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    Market requirements will change sooner or later, but there's not any application nor software that is ready to pick that up and create self-adjustment. Human brain functions are essential to come out with a new EA version. And the cycle continues....
    To me, to call something functions, it shouldn't fail. It's not working, if it fails.
    my 2 cts.

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    I would love to get some feedback from the few that voted YES.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I would really like to get some comments from some that voted YES.
    I voted yes because I think it works. Of course not in how you allow it to run for years and just let money coming due to course the market conditions are changing and then you need to accommodate your egy. Automatisation is just a way to make sure that you follow the egy and that your emotions don't let you detract from it.

    I voted for many reasons:
    - my personal experience tells me that it works when we use a reasonable egy and don't wish to do 50 percent each month
    - all of the big actors uses automatic software for trading. If it wouldn't work they will just have a plain platforms and men clicking but that's far from what they have
    - in most cases the manual trading techniques may be automatised, so if there would be no expectation in automatic trading ther will be not much hope in manual trading too. Can it be possible that only the egies which are impossible or too complied to automatise are profitable? I really don't think so.

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    Point taken... so a long-term EA possibly on 4H or 1D period frame. Much like an investing machine... I guess we can call it. Fair enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Point taken... so a long term EA possibly on 4H or 1D period frame. Much like an investing machine... I guess we can call it. Fair enough.
    Yes exactly, personaly that the EAs that work for me are around H1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes personaly the EAs that function for me are around H1.
    I am sure a lot of traders will find your comment of interest.

    You have EA's that work - i.e. profitable EA's?

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    I vote yes, and deftly they are much better than human emotions.
    I've EA which works very well and at 1M time frame! , they function better then my egies, since they simply do that, instead of waiting to close a trade, imagine what is happen next, listen news, etc...
    For me the key is cash management, envision you start with $1000, you must then set in your head you shed it! , do not give fantastic expectations onto it!
    Then you have to define for example if my account goes to $10000 I will withdrawal $7500, and do it! Always! , even though I do not take the cash my EA do not utilize it! Is from the program!
    And also important trade consistently with SL and TP, in case there are strange moves on market, you understand how much you will lose or win.
    The remainder is as your account increase by $1000, you double the risk, in program! , what could happen, you lose and reunite to $1000 or not, or you triumph double again the cash that you invest! , be aware that your money is merely the celebrity $1000, other isn't your cash till you withdrawal you first $7500 with a massive profit!
    For me this is the key to trade forex, and to rest the are very good egies based on EA or in direct trading for me it doesn't matter.
    Great trades for U all

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