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Thread: How Did You Trade the NFP?

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    I used a straddle for initial wave commerce to enter long GBP at 1.9984 and exited on initial spike at 1.99.
    Subsequently entered again on the retrace at 1.9984 but exited for just a few pips profit. I realise that this tide commerce and I did not play with and this was largely because of that I could not see correctly . I normally read the amounts from a broker's news or forum but equally did not work. Given that the news had been dollar drawback, there was much possible in this tide commerce compared to what I got for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I do not commerce fundamentals. I exchange 4 hour charts and daily charts with 12 currency pairs. As a complete time trader, I am all specialized.
    I am trading my own book full-time too and I am trading the larger macros on a longer term basis all the time. Why macros? Since I have the best team of economists on the planet working time for me-and it will not cost me a penny. Wish to know who these economists are? The Federal Reserve.

    Last summer, in the height of the real estate boom, they predicted home was going to weaken and was anticipated to be a drag on the GDP for many quarters. Imagine if the $ would have shorted where you would be and the stocks of every home builder and sub-prime lender in that point!

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    NT you the guy!
    GG nice work.
    I took 2 trendline breaks and created 14 pips following my trailing stop knocked out me both times. A fantastic sustained move was not due to deviation in the real or the revision. If you're a tech trader you can exchange this release. Set on the 1minute chart and utilize your abilities. It's just really fast. Kinda fun. You guys might hone some skills by playing 1 lot on this thing.

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    Newz is for loozers.

    OK perhaps a little unpleasant.

    However many times do you hear a traders say Man which Macd (or substitute some technical gizmo) really annoys me.

    As opposed to Man which news spike, broker freezed me big boys knew about news beforehand etc etc etc. screwed me.

    I have discovered the market does not care what we blame our losses on. And I did as others here have stated, its a fantastic time to go apartment.

    I know for myself it is not a fantastic time to try to find a trade, but those of you who can well and those who can't thanks for adding to the pile of which can be found after the dust settles.

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    I agree that individuals complaining of platform stinks gets annoying because retail brokers are only covering their a$$ since they can't offset all of the losses that they incur on news spikes.
    You will find technical entrances after news spikes. If you have an understanding of fundamental dynamics it's possible to trade post news spikes. Now we knew within 2 seconds of listening to TTN that the USD was negative so there was. What I did was trade long breakouts of trendlines. Tell me your macd allows for a 5 pip stop loss. This is high probability trading we are currently doing. I guess I shouldn't be talking as much when everyone does it, as any system dies. But think about this. . .has anyone stopped to realize if it's easy trendline breaks that not everyone could possibly do the same system. Have you taken note of the men and women and ever been in a bunch?
    Hey I like these new tech systems which l and Felicia aka Lever 70 are rolling out. These are rock solid systems that crank out pips. I really like to exchange fundamental aftermath and these TA s. I have a template which combines cornflower with Phillip's 5min system.

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    Personally I played with it profitably!!!

    The machine??? Barbecue baby - burger the way! Mustard, pickles, ketchup a slathering of PIPS!!!

    Don't know what I am speaking about?? Check here:


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    She's a system that is accurate.

    Safe News Trading Strategy

    This is about the best system I've ever used for trading the news. About the method I have in my arsenal. Does not get as many pips as you can get if you can manage to get in prior to the spike but safer. I have spent a lot of money figuring I could make more money if I got a news service and will have the ability to ride big spikes up and down. Sometimes I did but sometimes I snapped spikes down on a buy and vice versa. Before I could get a trade in, other times the spike began and wasn't filled or filled at the peak of the spike. Putting all things together this system right here has been the best news trading platform for me. I've made money and will never be greedy and try to find more with news.

    To be truthful, I did not think of this system, someone else did and posted it on the forums at Oanda. It worked so well he deleted all his posts and began his own site. I will provide you the jest of this system and you may want to enroll at this guys site, if you want to see the system finely tuned. I believe it's called or something like this.

    I call it the 1 second candle breakout method. Could be used for news or anytime an event happens to move the candle more pips.

    When you've got a news statement that produces the one second candle spike, then that is going to be the initial reference point we place. The candle's opening is going to probably be Point A. If it's a bull candle that the bottom is going to probably be pt A if it's a Bear Candle the top is going to be point a. Point A is figured out simple enough.

    Point B is figured out by the very first retrace point. If the Point A candle goes upward and then the candle goes upward and then the 3rd one second candle goes down, then Point B is the beginning of the candle.

    Now after Point B has been demonstrated the current price must be between point A and Point B. As soon as the price of the pair breaks outside of Point A or Point B then you go long or short, but only when a or b is broken. If it's a news even that triggers the news candle to go upward if it retraces but continues to go up and breaks through Point B then you go long. If it breaks through point A and comes all the way back you go short.

    That's it. It functions more often then not. Do not trade, if A or B is not broken in moments. This way you do not need to work out if these and such a number comes out that the pair should fall or rise, etc etc.. You allow the market figure all that out. You do not need to fight trying to get a fill that is fantastic, by the time you'll have no problem with these and slippage.

    Try it, nice tune how you like. Until a candle closes outside b a, some individuals do not put a transaction, others put a transaction whenever the price is broken. Many people use the wicks and if the news candle ends up 50 pips retraces 20 pips leaving a very long wick, that counts as the retrace and the news candle could comprise both A and B points. Give it a go, create it and spread the word. The more people use it the better it will work for me and the stronger it will become.

    I'll post a pic or two if someone needs it. But for reference look at the NFP that came out Oct. 6. Lot of individuals took a beating. I used this method along with the revision didn't disturb me, I did not even know about it. But these principles were followed by me and when Point A was broken up on the retrace I went short.

    Q.) What if there are no retrace points from the first five minutes?
    A.) Then look at the 6th, 7th, or 8th moment

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    When you straddle based on your broker you are leaving yourself wide open for anything to happen. Guranted if you straddle you'll get hammered sooner or later.

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    I Started a Hedge before the announcement. Obtaining a 10 pip Profit both ways.

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    I have read some of your things and you are a profitable trader from what I see but this notion of entering a hedge and taking 10 pips is not a good idea for NFP. Can you mean 80 pips for NFP and 20 pips for US CPI? That would work most times unless you reach a deviation that is big and after that you are in a world of hurt.
    NFP moves really fast if we have a 50k dev and no revision to really go against it. You will see 90 pips drawdown in 5 minutes that won't come back until tuesday or monday the following week.
    Please clarify a little more.

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