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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I doubt the people who had a aha second are even on this forum.

    They realised that trading is not for them and stop or are so content with their trading they don't need to see here attempting to have the low down on the next crazy system published by Mr Noobs in the expectation they are going to be millionaires next week lt;/sarcasmgt;
    I'd venture to guess that 99.9% of successful traders have experienced an Aha! Moment at some point or another (probably multiple, and they probably continue to get them). It's not an issue of ego or of around the newest systems, it's an issue of having the ability to successfully learn from the mistakes and learn from the market.

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    I have discovered what I'm comfortable with. Now I can allow the VPS operate and have peace of mind knowing my EAs trades are solid.

    I have tried many EAs but a lot of those so called'effective' ones simply utilize little take profits with enormous stop loss or occasionally even without stop loss. When the dreaded reduction stems, all profits are removed. Finally I'm using one that combines 3 egies and selects the best one. And most importantly it's risk:wages ratio of over 1:2, something that gives me peace of mind. In the long term (that is what matters) the EAs are profitable.

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    I'd had one authoritative AHA Moment but one corner I was once I discovered to define my own expectations internally. In my book it's necessary when planning a transaction. Additionally, it is much easier to take care of surprises, which should be expected in the spot currency market.

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