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    A lot of Individuals at FF Discuss an Ah Hah moment.... After the lightbulb goes away, and some clicks.

    I'm very mathamatical with my method of trading. About 10 minutes ago, I discovered what I think to be the most efficient money management system possible. 1/2 of it is already explained in the My Money Management (advanced) thread.

    Well, I am eager to find out what discoveries some of those other members have had in recent times. I'm very pleased with my own advancement, but could only celebrate when the cash is in the bank.

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    When I learned that support/resistance traces trendlines, indiors, etc. were not significant because of themselves or some pattern they made but due to what they represented (price action). Things eventually made sense why when one day X pattern or X setup worked and why another was a fakeout or some indior functioned here but not there

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    Your not going to find back any articles to your own question.

    Maby afew those who have been lucky recently will chime in with something of no value what so ever.

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    Mine came when I learned to take profit in my account once in a while. After all, why do we do so? I am aware that taking money reduces the compounding impact, however on the flip side, if we take just a bit off at new high water marks, eventually we will take enough out that our account can be called a winner no matter what happens. This epiphany came when someone pointed out a massive equity spike on an account using the Kelly Criterion. An fall followed the advantage that was sensational. The account operator might have taken a massive hunk out in the new equity and the following fall would have been far less damaging.

    Additionally taking just a tiny hunk out now and then is plogically upling. Work for nothing? If the account is blown, but your withdrawals total more than the original bet, you've still won. When the original stake was recorded and removed, you are a winner and some of the pressure is off.

    This might not be fun enough for a few, but it does not come from a recent series of short term luck. It comes in two and a half years of time mutual funds, long and short term equity positions, and watching profits wax and wane with too much money left to evaporate on its own.

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    Realizing that the markets are constantly in flux and this was something that I had to embrace rather than resist.

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    After studying this Trade's Art from Jankovsky my aha moment came to a head this weekend. I understood the more time I spend public forums the more it is going to take for me to reach my aim of investing for a living. Of course I knew that until down but it amazes me and woke me up. That notion was validated this weekend by a few 10v comments to a thread lately started by a man making no claims or promises, simply asking a very simple question for some dialogue going.

    I especially like what Jankovsky said about individuals who demo trade;

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Some true idiots do something called'newspaper trading'. The idea behind this form of masturbation is this: I will discover how, Should I pretend to trade long enough. By that reasoning, if you play video games, you'd eventually become qualified to fly an F-16 into fight against someone educated to kill you, and do it both and Chuck Yeager.
    This along with other public forums have been filled with folks who talk a big game, ego strokers I love to call them. Tell me, are you likely to take advice from a man with a 10v score who does not even understand the markets are a zero sum game?

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    That is not a great analogy - fighter pilots instruct use flight simulators extensively and there's obviously value and wisdom in doing that. No-one is saying that demo trading is the ideal substitute but it is useful in some respects, just the same as with a flight simulator there is not the threat of death, the truth, the physical forces at work etc., demo trading can not mimic the emotions of trading actual money (unless you've got a particularly vivid imagination). But just because it is not the same doesn't mean it is useless and dismissing anyone who does see some value in it as a'true idiot' is somewhat dumb. Demo trading will not refine you as a trader but if you're conscious of its limitations it can be an extremely useful tool in developing the skills to analyse markets actual time and also to test a egy. If you do not agree with that, that's fine, do not demo commerce, the various schools of thought aren't mutually exclusive. Resorting to insults betrays a weakness of belief in the argument.

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    I agree with Craig and Jimmy Jones...
    My aha moment was limiting losses. Sitting at home, in the moment, watching Layer Cake in all of its wisdom once I realise, I needed to quit letting my losses operate and never allow a winning position flip into a lossing position (even when you're up 300 pips. That has happened to me twice.) . Treat trading like any other company and stay away from the end user (these fx boards). Trade with a few set rules... rules that are non-negotiable.

    I'll have constantly thank my wife for introducing me to this film. Some of my favourite Layer Cake quotes that has given me a few tough, grounded prospectives on the trading:
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Always remember that one day all this medication monkey business will be lawful. They won't leave it to folks like me... not when they eventually work out how much cash is to be made - maybe not countless, fucking billions. Recreational drugs PLC - giving the people what they need... Good times now, Stupor tomorrow. However, this is now, so until prohibition finishes make hay whilst the sun shines.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am not a gangster, only a businessman. And my commodity happens to be cocaine.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It is vital that we work to some golden rules. Always work in a team. Keep a very low profile. Only deal recommended. And it's like selling anything else: washing machines, blowjobs, hand made shoes. As long as you don't take the rest people will always return for more. And that is not to say we don't have that kind of magic that makes two kilos. But not be greedy.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Have a strategy and stick to it. Quit while you're ahead. Barring any fuckups, I am leaving it behind.

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    Trading 10 binary losing trades in a row, chances of that were 1 in 200.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Your not going to find any interesting articles back to your own query.

    Maby afew those who have been blessed lately will chime in with some thing of no value what so ever.
    Yikes! Someone had a poor day/week/month/career!

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