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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    People come to the forum for a response from one or more credible source. The definition of credible changes from one to another. Is a hero to somebody else.

    Thus a individual relying on the credible resources base this on one of two things. Frequently, a newcomer will base that opinion on the number of vouches of the resources or the number of posts.

    The problem with that is a call is either good or bad. There in this particular game.

    I find it as good or bad. Black or white. The chances are 50%-50%.

    Someone being here...
    Wow I can not believe I just read this! I typically don't post to this site because there does appear to be some sort of secret society thing happening where people that have a zillion posts and the key voucher tags get some respect around here!

    No offense to those here with a zillion posts and all the fancy key handshake tags!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Something else which can begin is a mild form of suggestion. Members of a ribbon can reinforce each other's predictions, and get more and more convinced it's going a certain manner. Then they can begin ignoring evidence to the contrary to the point where they just see what they wish to see.
    When your only tool is a hammer, then everything begins to look like a nail.

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    Others coming in and studying their posts might be tricked by the sheer amounts leaning in that direction. They might wait to place it if they leaned another way. Or worse yet they might be determined to change their very own. This appears to be the peer pressure component. Not wanting to be regarded as the wolf with the odd idea; or not having the conviction to maintain your own ideas when everyone else appears to be leaning the other way.
    Very well said Mr. Cruiser. Very well stated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Wow I can not believe I just read this! I typically do not post for this website because there does seem to be some type of closed secret society thing going on where folks that have a zillion posts and the secret voucher tags get some respect around here!

    No offense to people here with a zillion articles and all of the elaborate secret handshake tags!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In case you are trading on somebody else's motives. Until you have your own reasons you won't have the wisdom of when to depart it, or the confidence to keep in a trade.

    Unless somebody obviously explains why they got in, and the way they're likely to exit, and their style of direction mid-trade, what is the point?
    There's a lot of reality here. Regrettably, they're things that folks seem to only learn the hard way... through experience.

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    The way to learn in this business is to make mistakes. I can't begin to recount all of the flubs I've completed, some have cost money, some have not. And I'm still flubbing making mistakes. Each week I make at least one whopper that is good.

    Sometimes so I miss a fantastic move, other times... mainly, it means that I jump out of a position too soon, only to have it take off, and also find myself tearing my hair out moving WHY?! OH LORD WHY?! WHY DID I JUST DO THAT?!? Which makes things worse. Then there's the pressure to try and capture the remainder of the movement, so that I find myself attempting to buy into fading strength, only to get filled on top of the movement, and stopped out to a reversal.

    Allow Me to tell you... THAT SUCKS. So I've needed to put rules in place that I've got booted up on the track. Rules like requiring at least 10 minutes of thought before placing in a trade. Rules like placing my entry orders near the open of this session, instead of attempting to pursue the market.

    So why am I telling everyone that? Since if you are honest... you know you've made the exact same dang mistakes. Now I'm sure they have their own flavor to them, everyone is a little different, but we are not all so different than we do not wind up doing the exact same stupid crap over and over.

    So why do ppl fall into forum peer pressure? As it's an out. It is an outside to the self-doubt, it's an outside to the responsibility, it's an outside to the difficult procedure of self-realization and re-programming that we all have to go thru.

    It leads us to group think, and team think is a potent evolutionary reaction. Exactly the exact same as self-doubt if there is a position against you.

    Think about it, the majority of the time when a individual has left their group they have gotten eaten by a bear or a tiger or something. It's only been the past thousand decades or so it's been safe enough for a loner, and even then... you are still going to get mauled sometimes. Group think is strong, it's an instinct in all of usit makes us feel safe, and at the wilderness it made us safer. So especially when there's more of them, we programmed to doubt ourself at the face of opposition. Majority rule is built within our evolutionary programming. It is part of who we are as a people.

    We as human beings are at a really wierd part of our development. We evolved into a world vastly different than the one we are in now. Most species would just die out from their inflexibility, but our mind power provides us a way out. It allows us realize our mistakes and adapt, even if it's counter to our development. Comes at the cost of pain, although why we're here today, that ability is. That is why this business is hard.

    It is not because the setups are tough, they are not. It is not because it's difficult to obtain an edge, it is not. It is not because we are asked to have money, because you don't require that much really. Because it's counter to every instinct we 12, it's difficult.

    Peer pressure is an instinct. It used to be very valuable, it used to help keep you alive and apart of your community. Now... not so much. It is too easily abused.

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    Great post Rabid. Show me anyone who doesn't get suckered into peer pressure and I'll show you a liar.
    It's not just about following the audience. I can not take part in any of the calls threads, since just by posting something it affects how I'll remain in the trade. Usually hanging on to a loser for longer, to prove a point (what point, I know...). This kind of ego trading is the worst in my book, so I now just avoid those kind of threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The way to find out in this company is to make mistakes. I can not begin to recount all the flubs I've done, a few have cost money, some haven't. And I'm still flubbing making errors. Each week I make at least one whopper that is great.
    You have no idea how great it makes me feel to read the following phrases. I shit you not because I pulled a whopper that should last me another month!! Don't ask

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    There is nothing wrong w. The single sin comes in not learning from these. Write the errors down, create a chart, write down how you are feeling, keep a log. Then re-read it ever-so-often... no sense in making a mistake worse by not finding a way to profit from it. You paid for this, why not get your money's worth of eduion out of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There's nothing wrong w/ making errors. The sin comes rather than understanding from them. Write the errors down, create a chart, write down how you feel, keep a detailed log. Then re-read it ever-so-often... no way in making a mistake worse by not finding a way to profit from it. You paid for this, why don't you get your money's worth of eduion out of it?
    A great method of looking at things. Thanks to this nugget, Rabid!

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