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    It is definitely not for me personally, but I wonder why anybody else would waste their time trying to daytrade?
    Lets say you are watching 5 instruments, every at 20min, lets say you see displays for 2 hours each day you receive 5*3*8 = 130 bars per day.
    130 bars, depending on how picky you are with your trades which may spawn any number of trades, for me it would be 5. Trades mostly if even.
    So much can go wrong whilst daytrading, you are under pressure to make quick decisions, so you can overtrade, you can get bored, mad at the markets, trying...
    I agree but still do intraday trading just eur/usd sometimes crude oil but my swing acount longerterm is yielding more then intraday I open that 1 many times just when I have a new idea to add to places or opening new 1 letting trades operate and bigger timeframes was for me real changer I still do intraday why because I really like the game. But the real thing is when it is bored that returns the most doing macro studies tecnical entrances and let them run some will perish some will return and the yielders outperform the losses bigtime due to letting them operate.

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    I'll provide you a whole lot of different reasons but they only satisfy specific individuals:

    you're able to leverage more. I am able to exchange 100 lots when I daytrade since I only have to risk 15 pips while using Longer term I need to risk 100 pips so that I can only exchange 15 lots or so. I understand I can make 80 pips per week day trading, but I know I could make 800 pips a month swing trading 200 pips per week. But I can exchange at 1/6 of this size swing trading soooooo or term trading ? 33 pips, so I truly make more day trading.
    Day trading doesn't need to be that dull. I devised a system that takes advantage of win streaks. What I do is win about 10-20 ticks per commerce, when I reach more or 25 I stopped for the day. At times it takes me an hoursometimes two, sometimes 3, sometimes 4, BUT my maximum is 4 hrs, then I am just done. My weekly profit is 80 pips, and then I am only done for the week without any queries asked. If your disciplined all you need to do is trade the same way you perform on long term if you've got a good system, see it, feel it, trust it. Really and if you have can't day trade fine swing commerce and go ahead. If the shoe fits wear it, day trading fits me so that I wear it.

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