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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Not so.

    That is only true if you want to exploit the daily fad.

    If it is your goal to exploit the 1sec fad, it makes no sense to look
    in the daily [chart/trend] and vice versa.

    Trend is independent of time frame; it is the motion of a factor [here: price] throughout a time period. [period can be a moment, second, day or year]

    Yes, I meant to exploit the daily fad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trend is independent of time period; it's the motion of a variable [here: price] during a period of time. [period can be a second, minute, year or day ]
    Or even, for that matter, independent of time.
    For instance:

    Range Bars, Tick and PF.

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    Technical systems are like deciding which ones will be white and which pixels will turn black and taking a look at noise on a TV display. There's just no pattern unless you can figure out how to filter the noise properly, and that is extremely hard.

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    Price and time are inextricably connected.

    The price can't proceed without time departure - that in turn can produce
    some easy research. (I enjoy capitalists strategy )

    Wether one appears at tick information, or bars of any length, specific observations become the cornerstone of trade stuctures.

    If one for example measures the average amount of tick-movement in 1 minute intervalls when compared with the typical amount of tick-movement of 15 moment intervalls. The results will give you enough evidence to make easy

    An individual can reap the benefits of such research as an instance the avg. Price movement for any period in ticks. That in itself isn't the holy grail, but it can put both, extraordinary large, as well as unusual little price movements of particular time intervals in a larger context, so to not expect from a 1 week backtest in an extremely volatile market a trusted test result in terms of overall structure
    of price movements during a whole year or longer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The price cannot move without time passing
    True, but time can pass without range pubs moving or, even
    in the instance of ticks, with no many ticks being generated.

    As you mentioned, seeing the flow of trading wax and
    wane using ticks is a great tool. Something that I am surprised
    such a large percentage of traders opt not to look at
    when they choose a TF... Put simply a chart at which
    time is a part of the calculation. Which is actually all I meant
    together with my previous independent of time pole.

    I always like your articles DT.
    Good Trading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Should you divide the total range of any sequence of pubs from the minumum cumulative distance that price must travel in all the pubs TR/(avg. Bar height x #bars) you get a measure of just how much of the price action given to the tendency and just how much of the price action was lost to chop. The main point is that the trendiness drops by orders of magnitude as we drop down punctually frames.
    Only dropped to thank you about this record, I've thought about doing about precisely the exact same type of study but I just haven't had time. Now it has already done so I do not need to

    Tremendous thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Just dropped to thank you concerning this record, I have thought about doing roughly precisely the same sort of study but I simply haven't had time. Now it's done so I do not need to

    Tremendous thanks!
    Tremendous You are welcome!

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    I do not understand about lower timeframes. Don't enjoy them too much. Never heard of a bank scalper or expert scalper. I want to follow what banks and pros do. More and 30 mins is far better to me.

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    About one time frame being greater than another in general it is not, it is about which one has a characteristic you can exploit noise has attributes.

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    Hey your not supposed to be giving away all the secrets. . .LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It's not about one time frame being better than another generally, it is about which one has a characteristic you can exploit, although noise has characteristics.

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