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Thread: Stylish Trading Journal

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    The subsequent trade is made on a 1hr chart following the formation of a star after briefly touching a service line. This star was confirmed from the upcoming bullish candle. It was interesting the 4hr chart supported the transaction direction by the creation of a bullish engulfing pattern.

    Trade long @ 1.9665 stop @ 1.9615 and profit @ 1.9850

    This transaction was closed yesterday evenning with a profit of 185 Pips.

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    The connected EUR/USD trade was entered brief upon the creation of a bearish engulfing pattern twice. I enetered on the next creation. Trade evolved at 60 pips profit and cease was transferred to breakeven.
    This transaction closed now at breakeven.

    Entry, cease and profit are mentioned on the chart

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    I see your love of candles applied to forex. Just lately Bulkowsky published a statistical analysis of the candles as per their inventory performance. He revealed that many of them may not be so hot as promised.

    I wonder if a person have done a similar study for forex....Or are you supposing that they act as they do in the security market?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I see your love of candles employed to Currency Market. Just Bulkowsky printed a statistical analysis of the candles in accore with their stock performance. He revealed that many of these may not be quite as sexy as promised.

    I wonder if a person have done a similar study for Currency Market....Or are you supposing that they act as they do in the safety market?
    I do not presume all candles are right, but most of them are. I don't tade the Asian session, so qualified candles for entry at that time are not taken. Besides, I do not take candles of human anatomy range less than 25 pips. Remember, I search the arrival of a market force and I am all set to reverse transactions whenever confirmed. Quite little trades are recorded as LOSS, typical trades are closed are breakeven and most transactions are closed with a profit.

    For a saver mode, a trader may use the exact same technique in light of the larger trend management, meaning that counter trend transactions are not taken.

    The end is, this trading is discretional and requires certain level of market expertise.

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    This trade was openned yesterday and closed a minute ago. Note how the price was reversed from a previously tested down trendline. Bearish engulfing occured and a short trade was initiated. Note how the price penetrated the service trendline and continued down. I closed the trade in 50% Fib level of the bigger movement upon the creation of a bullish star and possible place long (we'll see the next hour)

    Trade short @ 1.5715, stop @ 1.5775 and profit @ 1.5575

    Profit = 140 Pips

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    This transaction was openned late during friday. Note the bearish engulfing near a strong support line. Entered brief @ 105.55, stop put @ 105.90. The trade evolved into the profit trendline and closed @ 104.10.
    If I were racing I could have closed this trade upon the bullish candle in dailt S1 but according to the trading rules, I have a tendency to trust the first sign.

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    Today's trading was a suspense fun. Two winning trades on EURUSD and USDJPY and one losing commerce on GBPUSD using a total of 223 Pips.

    The winning trades follow exactly the same principles of my style as shown on the attached pics.
    The losing commerce was fine based on the principles nevertheless, market volatility stopped out the position. Entry was made on the rectangular zone on showing a bearish engulfing from the daily pivot level. It is very surprising the way the market turned into the predicted way after the position being stopped. This proves the realiblity of candlesticks.
    What I'd like to talk here is that the few conflicting candles surrounded having an eclipse on the pic. Non of these signs were taken becuase they aren't happened near a significant price level. This can be a filter for several tardes based on candle patterns.

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    This transaction is an excellent setup. Notice the bullish engulfing from the daily S2. This generated a very long entry signal @ 1.5410 and cease was put @ 1.5355 using a profit close to the hr chart down trendline @ 1.5550. Luckily the trade went on my desired direction after a quick volatility and nearly ceased, but it did not. Though trade closed with 140 Pip Profit, an individual could continue to target the weekly point.

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    Though I trade the 5M, I am quite interested on your almost naked chart approach. I thank you. I'll happily read your journal.

    Good luck.

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